[REPORT] May Monthly report

Project Name: DoiDoi DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:
@verapm : verapm.near
@atshim : atshim.near
@nearestchico : nearestchico.near

Target Address: doidoi.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao) / verapm.near (KYC)

Project Accounting: 11.84 N

Updated Project Timeline

  • This month we’ve been busy creating the logo and website. You can read further in the website report.

  • The development of the zine is continuing through June as more time will be needed to finish the project. A description of the progress so far can be found in the zine report.


ALONE OUTSIDE is the name of our first zine! We are still developing the final peaces before printing. Overall it has been a great challenge to understand the process of this particular project.

Our strategy

  • Print the zine and organize a launch date.

  • Update and launch our website;

  • Promote the zine on doidoi’s social media;

  • Create a digital integration for the publication.

Next step:

  • To run some more testes so the zine so it’s well aligned front and back.

  • To print the cover and interior of the leporello.

  • Photograph and prepare the content for social media

  • Figure out the best way to integrate the zine in a digital medium.

Thank you all,

the DOI DOI team