[APPROVED] zine #1 : DoiDoi DAO

Hi everyone,
We are really happy to share our first proposal with the community!

In order to accomplish one of the goals of DoiDoi DAO and promote synergy between digital and printed media, we need to establish a smooth publishing process. The best way to achieve that is with test runs in different formats before we can set a model of supporting other artists. This way we can fail faster and in a controlled manner, having the possibility of fixing any problems in the production process, that otherwise, would arise while making zines for other artists. Our objective is to refine the printing, publishing and digital integration of the zine.

Our first publication will be a zine in a laporello/acordeon format by a resident artist of DoiDoi DAO @verapm.

  • Design and illustrate 1st PUBLICATION : ZINE #1 = 500$
  • photography = 50$
  • printing = 100$
  • assembling = 50$

Total: 700$

Thank you,


I am so happy to see DoiDoi taking it’s first steps! Can’t wait to see the zine!


Hey @atshim will the zine be minted as an NFT, or what sort of digital integration will it have? What’s the zine about?

Hey @ted.iv you can read a bit more about the zine here. It’s a graphic journey about feeling lonely. We are still trying to figure out the best way to make the digital version, given the difficulty of the leporello format.

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