[PROPOSAL] DoiDoi DAO June Funding Request

Project Name: DoiDoi DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:
@verapm : verapm.near
@atshim : atshim.near
@nearestchico : nearestchico.near

Target Address: doidoi.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao) / verapm.near (KYC)

Project Accounting: 11.84N

Funding Period: June

Requested amount: 2850$


May report

During the month of June we plan to have our second and third ZINEs published to grow our catalog and to keep nurturing the storytelling practice while we keep building our website to showcase DoiDoi projects.

In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed for the month of June, we request funding for the following costs and activities:

council activities: 3x50$ = 150$ (all members)

administrative work (proposals, reports, forum and instagram management) = 250$

sale management + promotion = 300$

Sub-total: 700$

[APPROVED] Zine #2 : “We can’t all be cats”

  • Illustrate and design : ZINE #2 = 300$
  • photography = 100$
  • printing = 100$
  • assembling = 200$

Sub-total: 700$

[APPROVED] Zine#1 Digital Integration

  • Development of digital version = 300$
  • 3D Mockup = 150$
  • Animations = 300$

Sub-total: 750$

[APPROVED] Zine #3 : New artist invitation

  • Illustration and design : ZINE #2 = 300$
  • photography = 100$
  • printing = 100$
  • assembling = 200$

Sub-total: 700$

Total for projects: 2850$

** Total amount requested to the Creatives DAO = 2850$

:NOTE: All payout proposals will be for the N values displayed here; members of the DoiDoi DAO council and members of the community will have to use this as reference when asking for rewards. Those will be fixed once and if the request is approved by the council of the Creatives DAO. This must be done in order to protect the DAOs funds, otherwise we risk being unable to fulfill our commitments. That also means that members can ask for their payout at any point during the month. Every month, values in N are rounded up, using the current treasury to do that; that way no individual is losing money. This will be corrected once Astrodao allows fractions. Used conversion rate: tba.


Our TG channel is open to everyone who wants to engage with us.
Come join us!

Thank you all,

the DOI DOI team


Hello Doi Doi team, very nice to see some of the developments from the first month. The pictures of some of the spreads look really great! I would like to ask if you have considered how you would integrate this project with the web3 world and Creatives DAO / Near ecosystem?

Hello @ted.iv ,
We just started this project but we are exploring how zines and picture books can be read online in a really interesting manner as most pictured e-books are just a simulation of the printed books. This can work for text, but picture books loose a lot of their soul when they are moved to the digital world. For now we don’t have a clear idea of how we can achieve that. We see this as an ongoing and collaborative process, so we want to see DoiDoi DAO grow. There is a lot people outside of web3 that can bring a lot of new ideias to this space and we want to bring in as much of them as we can. For each artist we support we will be onboarding a new voice into the community. For each project we support we are asking a different artist to think of a new way to imagine their printed work in a digital form and this way we are feeding an ongoing conversation with the community about this problem.
So, answering your question, the already defined ways of integrations with web3 and the NEAR ecosystem are: the previously mentioned constant onboarding of new artist into the community; each zine will have an online launch that we hope can bring more people in (we are also researching the various platforms connected to the NEAR community that can host these type of events) and we are also planing on promoting workshops, bounties and open calls.
That said, our goal is to promote a healthy community that can generate new ideias and experiment new kinds of integrations. We are open to any suggestion, so if you have any we would be very happy to hear :slight_smile:

Hello Hello! =)

First, thanks for building community on NEAR with us :vulcan_salute:

Well, I found extremely expensive the website $250 for hosting and domain is just too much. I can do that for one year with $25 using namecheap.com. So, I am happy for you partners that already received $1850 USD and good help from the Creatives DAO but I expect a better report, with the website already on mainnet and more highlighted accomplishments.

I will recommend you to keep going, to finish the website and improve your report so then you can try and propose next month.

Take the opportunity to tag a developer who is leading a related project, u might like to connect :wink:

@leyner you have a web3 book dapp developed on NEAR right?

Hello @FritzWorm ,

I think there must have been some kind of misunderstanding. The funding for the website was already approved in May and is not part of the funding proposal for June. We can and will prepare a better report (when it’s totally finished) but we are not asking for more funding for the website.
Regardless, we asked for “Domain + hosting = 250$”, we already payed 15,17$ for the domain, and the rest of the funding was to pay for the hosting for a year, including an online shop. In our research we couldn’t find any price lower than 310,92$ (see picture below)

This is the Business Basic plan with a yearly subscription so we don’t have to ask for the funding each month, and we can also save some money.

Price for domain: 15,17$
Price for hosting: 295.20€ in dollars is ≃310,92$
Total : 326,09$
What we asked : 250$
How much we still have to pay on our own : 76,09$

We are in no way asking for more money for the website. The June funding request is for 2 new zines and the digital integration of the first zine. (see above)

If you know of any other hosting websites that charge less and that include e-commerce please let us know.

We ask you to reconsider your decision given this information. Let us know if theres anything more we can provide in order to create a clearer picture of what we are doing.

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This is totally clear. What we are waiting for is the following:

  • Publishing your website.

You are a very new DAO, we are still building trust, so it is understandable to wait for your deliverables, what is already promised and funded.

Yes, in the previous reply: Namecheap

There are free online shops like Prestashop that you can use on any hosting that provides you with a cPanel.

Here is a list: Top 10 Softaculous Ecommerce Applications & Scripts

Hi @FritzWorm,

We understand your position regarding the report. We are working hard on the website and will be showing it soon as well as the ongoing projects. We will show a more in-depth report after that.

Thank you for sharing those alternatives. For what I can gather platforms like namecheap, even though have great prices, require a lot of web development knowledge that neither of us three have. Bringing someone with that knowledge would be way more expensive. For us, using more user friendly platform would allow us to keep the development and maintenance of the website in our hands, which in the long time will turn to be cheaper.

Either way, the 250$ for hosting+domain were approved by the moderators in the previous funding request. Retroactively scrutinizing previously approved funding request erodes the trust in the moderation team, and I don’t believe that is your objective. We are a new DAO and as you said we need to prove ourselves and I completely agree with that, but we also need to be able to trust the moderation team and not be in constant fear that the moderators will contradict themselves or go back in their decisions.

Hope you understand,
Best Regards

Thank u very much :100:

I am sorry you to see it that way, and you shouldn’t point out this to the Moderation Team, as this was my own personal opinion based on my own experience with web development:

Used I instead of We

Here is a misunderstanding, let me explain again:

We are not going back in our decisions, I am a community member, and I should be allowed to share my opinions, in this case, I did it to bring more attention to the website that receives a lot of funding but is not being delivered and still without delivering you decide to create a new proposal.

May Funding was a Community decision, the Community approved the funding by signing with their wallets using AstroDAO. We were approving that the proposals followed the guidelines but we weren’t evaluating if it was too much expensive or if it brings value, we wanted the community to decide for themselves.

The issue now is that the community is not really filling that role of review, giving feedback, and then approving or rejecting. That’s why now we have a huge weight on our shoulders because our role is to protect the community, to allow us all to keep growing, and we need to make sure that we will keep receiving funding for the CreativesDAO.

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