[REPORT] June monthly report - FIRST ZINE

Project Name: DoiDoi DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:
@verapm : verapm.near
@atshim : atshim.near
@nearestchico : nearestchico.near

Target Address: doidoi.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao) / verapm.near (KYC)

Project Accounting: 11.84 N

Link to previous proposal:
Report may



DoiDoi DAO is just starting so it’s not clear yet how we can mesure the growth of our community. The metrics we propose are designed to point us in the direction of our main goals. This metrics will be reevaluated as the DAO grows if we see that it’s better represented in alternative ways.
For now the metrics we propose are as follows:

  • Number of projects funded;
  • Monthly visits to DoiDoi’s website;
  • Number of Exhibitions/workshops supported or organized by DoiDoi DAO;
  • Number of wallets created through DoiDoi DAO activities (bounties, open call, live events, etc.);
  • Instagram followers.
  • NFTs in the mintbase store.

Community engagement:

  • 55 followers on INSTAGRAM;
  • We just launched the website so there’s no clear engagement. We are hoping next month we can get some numbers;
  • When we start the open-calls we will see a bigger engagement in the forum;


  • Being such a unique piece of editorial design, the leporello format used in ALONE OUTSIDE, gives us a really interesting challenge when we translate it to a digital medium. We are really excited to explore what we can learn from this type of books as we put it in NFT format;
  • Leporello format is very hard to assemble, but now that we understand it better we are planning on giving workshops about it;
  • We defined an assembling line to print our zines and we spotted a lot of potencial problems in the process that can arise in the future. This experience was crucial in streamlining our production. Spotting this problems at this step will allow us to not repeat them in the future;

Projects and Accountings:


  • Zine: Alone Outside
  • Photography
  • Printing
  • Assembling
  • Website, domain and hosting
  • Logo

To be paid:

  • Social media strategy

Next Steps:

  • Figure out the best way to integrate the zine in a digital medium. Explore the dapps and tools available in the NEAR ecosystem and create a guide for the artists, showing them the possibilities of the NEAR ecosystem;
  • Promote further the zine on social media;
  • Create a mintbase store.
  • We need to create a better workflow around the forum and be more clear with our goals;

Thank you all,
the DOI DOI team

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Hello @verapm, thanks for your report, however in my opinion it requires some fine-tuning based on the guide below, as your report provides a lack of information on your DAO’s activity!

Thank you for understanding.

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Hi! Thank you Paul, for the link. I see the lack of structure and information now. I’ll change the report as soon as possible and update the information on the DAO.
Again, thanks for the help.

Hello @Paul ! We have updated the report following your suggestions. Hope this version better aligns with the Creatives DAO guidelines. Thank you for your help!