[REPORT] Marma J Foundation Advisor [Aug. 9-22]

Happy to be back in an active advisor role for the Marma J Foundation :hugs:

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks supporting organization development and planning for the Foundation:

  • Tues. Aug. 9 - 1.5 hrs with co-founder @chloe
  • Thurs. Aug. 11 - 3 hrs with co-founders @chloe and @bianca
  • Week of Aug. 8 - 0.5 hrs Miro board prep and document review
  • Fri. Aug. 19 & Mon. Aug. 22 - 1 hr education plan creation

6 hrs x 20 $marmaj = 120 $marmaj

Additionally, I am requesting 19 $marmaj for Pikespeak; 3 $marmaj for attendance of the MCM call on Wed. Aug. 10.

Total: 142 $marmaj

For the next month I am planning on embarking on a web3 edu refresh. I dropped into this space a little over a year ago and NEAR is all I have known. In the interest of better understanding the wider industry I will apply for an education/research budget weekly for the next four weeks, taking notes on my big learnings and posting them here in case they are of interest to others. And who knows, maybe they potentially inspire “Coffee with Chloe” sessions (@chloe :wink:).


Week 1: Web3 Beginnings and Definitions
Examples of resources to review: Kernel Community | Kernel and Web3 Development: How to Succeed With the Help of a Web3 Developer?

Week 2: The Power of DAOs
Examples of resources to review: https://daocollective.xyz/ and Talent DAO learn
And testing custom function call library on Astro.

Week 3: Web3 Funding, Incubation, and Accelerators
Examples of resources to review: Early-Stage Web3 Startup Funding: An Introduction | Chainlink and https://web3.foundation/grants/

Week 4: Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Green Tech
Examples of resources to review: Regenerative Economics in Web3 - by Jason Jacobs and Episode 64 - Celo Foundation - Regenerative Finance and using web3 to achieve prosperity for all — Crypto Altruism and 3 Ways to Reduce the Climate Impact of Your Web3 Data | CIO and Bloomberg - Are you a robot?