[APPROVED] Marma J Foundation July

Project/Council Members:













Target: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near / KYC through The Marma J Foundation

Total Requested Funding Amount: 5000 $ in N

Previous report

We are planning on keeping our 2 main projects running - CH & the onboarding cards. We will also be working with NFT giveaways as well as the Discord token gating bot.

The second batch of the cards will be launched 30th of July latest.

Our NEARhub partnership will be launched with an event on the 31st of July.

We are also working on a Marma J Mutts project, which will bebe launched in August. We are working on it now already and will be teaming up with the Filipino Artist Guild to create 1/1 art on Mintbase which will then be auctioned on the auction to support the stray dogs in Antigua. We will also use them for a TENK collection (819 pfp dogs, which will then be distributed via airdrop to our marmaj Community members)

We’re looking forward to welcoming @Monish016 to the advisor team of the DAO as a community strategist.


  • Crypto Heroes raiding (3 difficulties) - same as last month- as well experimenting with the token gated bot in Discord https://moonbasebot.xyz/ 1500 USD (as you can see in the report we sometimes even use more than this from our DAO treasury)
  • Marma J Cards for onboarding - new batch similar to this one: This time with the difference that each card will give a NEARdrop of 8.19.N; therefore we are planning on using the cards for 50-70 onboardings - stats afterward will be provided via CVS file from NEARdrops/ 1500 USD
  • 3xr galleries: We will again be supporting the 3xr project CFA where the community can create virtual galleries by minting and collecting galleries created by the communities through the DAO. We will also be using this workflow to demonstrate it in our next in-person workshops. The funds will be used to mint and collect more galleries through our DAO on Astro./ 500 USD

Facilitation/ Management 1500 USD (split by tasks done)

  • Community facilitation @ocaso & @tabear (budget, reports, creative bounties, Discord management) as well as various contributors who create guides


Twitter interaction:

For anyone interested in taking part feel free to join our [Contributors chat on TG.] (Telegram: Contact @marmaJcontribute) as well as on Discord.



Hey all, Just confirming that this is your proposal for July correct?


Hey there, yes this is for July, I understand the confusion due to the same projects, Marma J wants to continue to support the N projects and will keep on working on th CH raids, the onboarding cards and the 3xr galleries :slight_smile:


Beautiful thank you for the clarification, mostly because of the title [BUDGET] vs [PROPOSAL]" :slight_smile:

I am happy to let you know your proposal follows the guidelines and is approved! In an effort to become more transparent in decision making I also want to note some highlights that make your proposal great:

  • organized & structured according to the guidelines
  • thorough and clear reporting
  • clear next steps and purpose
  • transparency though learnings shared
  • contribution to consistently growing the NEAR ecosystem with verifiable metrics to track this
  • support to other community projects
  • fair and clear description of labor being done

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization.


Thank you very much for the continued support <3