[REPORT] Marma J Foundation July / August

Project/Council Members:






@Chluff / Multicall




@tabear / muti DAO


@Monish016 / Kalakendra DAO



Target: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Previous Budget request July

We have not been requesting funds for the month of August. This report serves to show updates since we requested our last budget for July.

Projects from July budget:

  • Crypto Heroes raiding - 165.17 $marmaj = 666.08 USN

  • Marma J Cards for onboarding - stats see below

  • 3xr galleries: The gallery collection has been going slowly this month but we used the funds to support the community by collecting the MarmaJ chan NFTs

  • Facilitation/ Management 1500 USD (split by tasks done, reports, budgets, Discord management/Gamefi):

  • Tabear

  • Ocaso

Other updates:

  • The $marmaj staking farm on Ref.finance has added the cheddar token to the reward pool
  • The advisor and contributor groups are growing and we are welcoming more members to the Marma J family
  • Marma J is going to NEARcon in September and will be hacking for social good

Current stats:

Onboarding cards:


  • Discord channel active & growing
  • $mmj token on Ref.finance; you can get the latest updates here.
  • We’re going to NEARCON! We will install a Hackerhouse, are planning on collaborating with several other DAOs and have already included the infos on our website. Hackers can apply from the 1st of August on.

Metric reflection:

  • 50 active members in the Contributor’s chat, slowly transitioning to Discord
  • 37 new videos on the Youtube channel
  • 4 community calls in July/ 2 in August
  • Platforms/N projects used by the DAO: Mintbase ( 5 stores), Paras, Satori, Astro, Cryptoheroes, NEARcribs, 3xr, Cheddar, Aurora