[Report] Marma J Foundation COO [Sept. 13 - 22]

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks supporting organization development and planning for the Foundation - and it’s recently be decided that I assume the role of Chief Operating Officer doing the following:

  • Tues. Sept. 13 - 2 hrs - org structure document and Miro work
  • Wed. Sept. 14 - 3 hrs - website revamp notes
  • Fri. Sept. 16 - 1 hr - meeting with Monish
  • Mon. Sept. 19 - 2 hrs - working on website upgrade notes, structure notes, Gaming DAO grant draft
  • Tues. Sept. 20 - 1 hr - work on Gaming DAO grant draft, MarmaJCon planning notes
  • Wed. Sept. 21 - 2.5 hrs - meeting with @chloe, MarmaJCon kick-off meeting, meeting prep
  • Thurs. Sept. 22 - 2 hrs - meeting with @chloe @Monish016 - working on gaming grants and core team funding and reporting structure

13.5 hrs x 20 $marmaj = 270 $marmaj

Attended core team call on Wed. Sept. 21 - 3 $marmaj

Total: 273 $marmaj - honouring the 219 $marmaj/week limit for the week of the 13th and then the new 81.9 $marmaj as of this week (the 19th) and the number of hours worked

Note: I am waiting on a Crypto.com card before purchasing Pikespeak so the 19 $marmaj I received in my previous report will be held to go toward this when the card is received.
Note: my education plan mentioned in my previous reports has had to be tabled to make way for the support I’ve been giving to the NDC Community Engagement Working Group

Here are my previous reports as an advisor: