[REPORT] Marma J Foundation Advisor [Aug. 23-Sept. 12]

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks supporting organization development and planning for the Foundation:

  • Tues. Aug. 23 - role description doc development & MarmaJCon planning doc work
  • Wed. Aug. 24 - MCM call attendance and call with Soph
  • Fri. Aug. 26 - 2 hrs individual calls with co-founders @chloe and @bianca
  • Wed. Aug. 31 - MCM call attendance
  • Thurs. Sept. 1 - call with Allie, work on role description, provide feedback to other advisor @Monish016 on his new project
  • Tues. Sept. 6 - meet with Nicole to discuss advisor role; finish transcribing from CWC - marmajcon into planning doc & local event planner research
  • Wed. Sept. 7 - MCM call attendance
  • Thurs. Sept. 8 - org structure discussions with @chloe and @bianca

~11 hrs x 20 $marmaj = 219 $marmaj

Total: 219 $marmaj

Note: I am waiting on a Crypto.com card before purchasing Pikespeak so the 19 $marmaj I received in my previous report will be held to go toward this when the card is received.
Note: my education plan mentioned in my previous report has gotten a slow start…will get to starting it next week!

Here are my previous reports as an advisor: