[Report] Marketing DAO February 2024 Report

Hi Community,

We are excited to share the Marketing DAO report for February 2024.

During the February Funding Round 2024, the Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO:

  • Received 21 proposals
  • Total amount requested: $99,278
  • Total funding allocated: $40,528
Approved projects Link Amount Report
Marketing DAO grants for Near Founders and ECO influencers
Chatafisha https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1704614118216 $3,000.00 Report delayed due to funding delay
NEKO Morning Show https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1704678797529 $5,400.00 Report delayed due to funding delay
Near at Night https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1704694507913 $4,128.00 Report delayed due to funding delay
Joyage Kingdom https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1705047931571 $5,000.00 Report delayed due to funding delay
[Proposal] DiscoverBOS The B.O.S reference from Resources to Marketing - Jan 2024 [Approved] DiscoverBOS The B.O.S reference from Resources to Marketing - Jan 2024 $4,000.00 Update on report
MDAO x Near Founders support
Myosin Public Relations & Marketing Proposal [Funding Requested for February to April 2023] https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=proposals&id=1705092505767 $10,000.00
MDAO operations
Remuneration (1) $2,500.00 [Report] Council Report | Feb/March 2024 | so608
Remuneration (1) $2,500.00 [Report] Marketing DAO Council activities - johanga - #3 by johanga
Remuneration (1) $2,500.00 [Report] Marketing DAO Council - cryptocredit - February
Admin (1) $1,500.00 [Report] MDAO Advisor/Admin February-March
Total: $40,528

Marketing DAO Updates

Marketing DAO is implementing a number of updates as we work with a new approach to funding content creation, ecosystem bounties for marketing initiatives, ecosystem Founders’ support, collaboration with PR agency Myosin, and a comprehensive framework for aligning marketing and social media activities with NDC vision and objectives.

In February:

** 2 Office Hours**

1:1 Founder Calls

  • We continued to offer calls during regular time slots.
  • In February, we held 10 1:1 founder calls with the MDAO Council.
  • To book a 1:1 meeting with Marketing DAO, visit our Calendly.

Founder proposals

  • We continue to receive proposals from ecosystem founders after direct outreach.

Bounty program

Public Bored at ETH Denver Collaboration

MDAO X Myosin PR

  • We were working with PR agency Myosin. In February, we had several calls to establish working relationship, workshop program and 1:1 office hours for selected founders.
  • Our upcoming MDAO X Myosin PR Workshop (3/21 at 11AM ET) is the entry point to the program for ecosystem founders. After attending this workshop, 1:1 meetings with the Myosin team will be offered to a shortlist of initial founders and teams.

Next steps

We are accepting proposals and reports on the Marketing DAO BOS page. Visit here: https://near.org/ndcdev.near/widget/MDAO.App?page=createProposal

Additionally, since the beginning of the year, we have continued to maintain the Marketing DAO Telegram Hub and structured a PR partnership for the ecosystem. All efforts are continuing at present.

Reach us: