Update on report

Hi @marketingdao-council

I’m pleased to provide a short update on our progress towards our third report and approved proposal. Despite the delay in getting approved funds released and the approved funds also being slashed by 40% which tremendously affected our deliverables, We are proud to announce that we were able to still get productive alternatives in getting some of the deliverables done.

The deliverables:

• Successfully produced and shared 5 high-quality video explainers on Near.
• While we have not being able to do the actual workshops we were able to setup workshop agreement with 2 different outside dev communities which are namely BuidlCon and Blockchain OAU and we are expecting over 200 devs at these workshop.

With funds just released, we have now started preparations for these IRL workshops which will be holding in 3 weeks
• we have continuous development of resource library. In other to properly achieve this we also hired an inhouse dev to make sure we are always up to date.

With funds just released we would work on other deliverables and we will be able to send in a more detailed report by the next report circle

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Hey Ola.

Where can I watch the high quality videos?

Thank you for posting the report @Ola