Digital Billboard Truck - ETH Denver

Gm NEAR Community!

We’re excited to introduce ourselves to the community and invite builders, creatives and founders in the NEAR ecosystem to connect with us at ETHDenver.

What we are: our team’s tri-sided digital display truck is rolling through ETH Denver’s busiest veins from Feb 28th - Mar 3rd. It’s not just a truck; it’s your canvas in motion. (Picture of the truck is in comments below)

How to find us:

X: @ publicbored

URL: publicbored .com/

How to get involved: we’re offering 1 single free display spot to you, a Near ecosystem builder, on a first-come first-serve basis until all our display spots are filled. This is the 3 step process to claim your free display spot on the billboard truck:

  1. Create a free account on our website using email or twitter: publicbored .com
  2. Under the ‘Claim a free Display Spot’ title, click the click the Claim button (screenshot below in comments)
  3. Share the tweet which auto-populates for you on our site and copy the url into your account, you’ll see when you’re logged in, the tweet simply says you claimed your spot and helps us spread the word :slight_smile:

Within the next 2 weeks we’ll then reach out for you to upload your image. Dimensions need to be 1024 x 384. File format needs to be either PNG or JPG.

We’re also looking forward to finalizing a partnership with the Marketing DAO to provide additional screen time during the event for NEAR ecosystem members.

See you at ETHDenver!


Thanks for the introduction @memebrains – sharing a pic of the Public Bored truck so people can see below:


Thank you sharing this picture! :pray:

I hope soon there’ll be lots of NEAR project on it! :star_struck:

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To submit your promo materials to the Marketing DAO, use this form: