[Report] Marketing DAO Council activities - cryptocredit

2024 has gotten off to a flying start!

The council team has been working hard to keep up with all the new developments in the NEAR ecosystem. The Marketing DAO page is now live on BOS and we will be transitioning to manage all our activities on-chain. Thanks to the devs for a great job!


  • As always, my main role is to review, evaluate and assess proposals from the NEAR community. I try to ensure that each proposal has full consideration which can take more than an hour per proposal. This month, I reviewed 13 proposals which includes reviewing past performance, comment and ask questions - working with the rest of the Marketing DAO council to get a full understanding of the varied points of view that exist around each proposal.
  • The Marketing DAO team hold regular meetings every Tuesday at 14:00 CET, with other calls scheduled when necessary.
  • Regular correspondence with Marketing DAO council, Marketing DAO advisors, Marketing DAO Trustees, NDC & NF liaisons and other ecosystem stakeholders as needed based on current questions and priorities.
  • Working with Marketing DAO advisors to support and participate in their initiatives.
  • Regular communication with specific proposers to provide feedback and guidance on their proposals as they consider posting to the forum.
  • Contributing to the Marketing DAO Content Creator Bounty program that is now live on HEROES.
  • Meetings with Myosin PR agency CEO and team. Look out for updates on how your project can benefit from professional PR support.

I look forward to continuing to work with the marketing council team, NF and others to provide the best possible service for all community members in 2024.