[REPORT] Liberation Wellness DAO I May 2022

Liberation Wellness DAO May Milestones

The support from DAOcubator + the NEAR forum has allowed Liberation Wellness DAO to dive into creating a decentralized approach for fitness, nutrition, and wellness professionals to organize and work to serve communities in new ways. We are taking this approach in 2 ways:

  • How we create, and share work between professionals and creators to create a healthy and vibrant ecosystem around wellness and deliver a high quality experience that helps people make meaningful life changes.
  • Our incubation chamber projects which will serve as our foundation for the DAO, a content creation space with a focus of continuing to generate revenue to grow the DAO in its first year. The goal is to have LW DAO fully self-sufficient within the first year.

May 2022 Milestones:

  • #GarlicGang NEAR challenge - a challenge run for current LW clients to encourage whole food nutrition habits, the winner received a NEAR wallet and 4 NEAR.

    • the GarlicGang NEAR challenge was successful because it also generated interest in entering NEAR ecosystem and joining LWDAO among clients.
    • Our clients are entrepreneurs and creators.
    • As a result, opportunities have been created for non-council members and non-DAO members to earn through various means
    • The winner of the GarlicGang challenge has excitedly accepted the opportunity and now has the ability to earn through LW DAO
  • Emergency Community Support LW DAO was able to support a members emergency travel needs through our community funds.

  • Bay Area DAO meetup and AMA: Held on May 26th 2022. Here is a video highlighting the main conversation of the day. Photos of the event are below.
    Planned alongside Primordia DAO utilizing the Liberation Wellness incubation chamber, this was an an open forum to meet, ask questions, and co create with other Bay Area DAOs. It was also an opportunity for networking and mentorship.

    • We were able to support Primordia DAOs mission of onboarding 100 DAOs in 2022.
    • Primordia DAO onboarded 2 individuals and 1 DAO through the event.
    • The AMA was hosted live and recorded on video.
    • The event was largely a success in promoting the work of NEAR and explaining to folks why NEAR is the premier blockchain for creators and builders.
  • Work opportunities created in the NEAR ecosystem. LW DAO has already been able to positively impact the NEAR ecosystem and create work.

    • A bounty was created for a new DAO Logo on the NEAR forums. The bounty has been accepted, we have already begun work with the artist.
    • Monetization opportunities have been created for current members and non-members who support the work of the DAO. All monetization opportunities are paid in NEAR.
    • LW DAO has incorporated paying members in NEAR.
  • Marketing via Marketing DAO funding