[BOUNTY] Liberation Wellness DAO Content / Social Media Management

Hello! We are Liberation Wellness DAO, our mission is to grow a community of professionals centered around wellness, autonomy, and building healthy, vibrant, communities. We aim to create and provide resources and tools to better serve our communities and the support to grow wellness centered businesses within the NEAR ecosystem. our intro post here: https://gov.near.org/t/introduction-liberation-wellness-dao/20488?u=liberation.ra

We are @Liberationra.near @GoddessVenus.near @Tamholistic.near

@Liberation.Ra @GoddessVenus @Tamholistic on NEAR Forum


We are looking to hire a team or profesional to fine tune our Social media approach and aid us managing our SM during our growth. you can find the approved proposal here https://gov.near.org/t/approved-liberation-wellness-dao-content-social-media-management/20568

Please read through the proposal conversation with marketing dao members in the comments to best understand what our goals are.

We are looking to begin working with a qualified provider ASAP and would like to work with someone familiar with the NEAR ecosystem as we want to grow our presence in this space.


I can be of help… I am a digital marketing on events and other related structures @Liberation.Ra

Hi, thank you for your response! can you please DM me with more info on your services and website if you have one? thank you!

Okay… I will do that

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Hi! I work both pro-bono and as a freelancer on music marketing for independent artists of any music genre. Let me know if I can assist you or share some knowledge I have with you

Is this bounty still open?
If not, I think you should edit the topic to close. :hugs:. Thank you

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