[Introduction] Liberation Wellness DAO

  • Guild Leaders:
    • LiberationRa.near
    • GoddessVenus.near
    • Tamholistic.near
  • Guild SputnikDAO Address:
    • liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near
  • Guild Location:
    • Bay Area, California
  • Guild Communication Channels and How to get involved:

:star2: Who are we?

:compass: Mission

:telescope: Vision

:zap: Who we serve

:hammer_and_wrench: What we’re building

:balance_scale: Values


:speaking_head:How to get in touch and Join our DAO

Liberation Wellness DAO Road Map

  • May 2022-
    • 3rd round of virtual incubation chamber Alpha is underway. The first Alpha incorporating web3 and NEAR
    • Website and Dapp development begins.
    • AI Nutrition facts social media project development begins.
    • Bay Area DAO creative mixer hosted alongside Primordia DAO.
    • Create Bounties for designers for LW DAO creative assets.
    • Continue development and begin rollout of DAO centered marketing campaign.
  • June 2022-
    • 2nd Round of physical incubation Chamber (Liberation Wellness DAO BioHacker House) Alpha begins in Oakland, CA, with select community and DAO members. Training phases will be conducted in intervals of 3 months for a total of 12 months. During this period we will be creating digital content in the physical world to bring fitness, nutrition, wellness, and mindfulness to web3.
    • Launch Onboarding campaign: Enroll 5-10 creators and entrepreneurs into Liberation Wellness DAO in next 6 months.
    • Create bounties for artists and lay groundwork for NFT Project.
  • July - November 2022-
    • LW DAO will be mainly focused on running members through the BioHacker house alpha, and creation and development of tools and content that will serve as a launch pad into our next phase of web3 rollout.
    • Continue development of community around NFT project
  • September 2022-
    • Launch First community NFT project
  • November - December 2022 -
    • First phase of BioHacker house alpha will be complete, 2nd phase will be launching

Liberation Wellness DAO April Milestones

The support from DAOcubator has allowed Liberation Wellness DAO to dive into creating a decentralized approach for fitness, nutrition, and wellness professionals to organize and work to serve communities in new ways. We are taking this approach in 2 ways:

  • How we create, deliver, and share work between professionals and creators to create a healthy and vibrant ecosystem around wellness.
  • Our incubation chamber projects which will serve as our foundation for the DAO with a focus of continuing to generate income to grow the DAO in its infancy. The goal is to have LW DAO self-sufficient within the first year.

This April, 2022, our milestones have been:

  • Enrolled first client since the creation of Liberation Wellness DAO.
  • Work agreement created between two members of LW DAO to complete the contract for new client through a simple telephone voting process.
  • #GarlicGang NEAR challenge launched - a challenge run for current LW clients to encourage nutrition habits, the winners receives a NEAR wallet and 2 coins.
  • Private community content created for virtual incubation project.
  • Expansion of Incubation chamber: Equipment procurements to support the growing Incubation chamber project totalling $2484. This has allowed us to host more people and created more versatility in the chamber during our closed beta.
  • Bay Area DAO meetup and Wellness AMA: planned for the week of May 23rd 2022 (final date TBD by consensus) an in person meetup planned alongside Primordia DAO utilizing the Liberation Wellness incubation chamber, this will be an open forum to meet and co create with other Bay Area DAOs and an opportunity for networking and mentorship.

soooo excited and blessed to be doing this work alongside u guys. i can’t wait the continue building and impact the lives of those around us :heart_hands: :hearts: :hearts:

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Awesome project, great work. I totally enjoyed reading through.