[Approved] Liberation Wellness DAO Content / Social Media Management

Liberation Wellness DAO social media & content media management funds request

Council Members: Liberationra.near @Liberation.Ra Goddessvenus.near @Goddessvenus Tamholistic.near @tamholistic

Funding scheme: monthly


  • Liberation Wellness DAO is seeking to work alongside knowledgable social media marketers to most effectively present our offerings to web3 and the NEAR ecosystem. To most effectively deliver our message with clarity to consumers and generate interest in our products, a skillful social media strategy is needed. Our goal is to:
    • Hire a trustable and knowledgeable marketing team that is familiar with the NEAR ecosystem, crypto and web3 technologies, and social media and content management.
    • Create and deploy an engaging organic social media campaign to generate interest around Liberation Wellness DAO, our projects being built in the NEAR Ecosystem, and our current offerings.
    • Create a clear connection for audiences to understand why Liberation Wellness DAO has entered the web3 space through the NEAR ecosystem
    • Guide audiences towards our already available fitness, nutrition, and wellness offerings.
  • Expected Impact, Value for NEAR Ecosystem:
    • Liberation Wellness DAO already has offerings available and has the capacity to generate revenue with a proper marketing budget to launch its offerings.
    • As LW DAO grows, it will be able to generate new work in the NEAR ecosystem. We are committed to creating and sharing work within the community.
    • Visibility on projects being created on NEAR that translate into the physical world in ways outside of finance.
    • Potential for LW DAO to onboard new members from larger audiences being reached.
  • Metrics for measuring success:
    • Clear and effective social media marketing campaign roadmap developed with clear timeline
    • Growth across social media platforms. Growth is measured by:
      • increase in post engagement
      • increase in followers
      • increase in direct outreach from audience
    • Bonus metric: increase in organic client accusation
  • Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:
    • First month
      • Secure contract with effective marketing team for campaign
      • Develop effective social media campaign road map
      • Curate social media content from library of raw content with a focus on Reel / short form video content (reason being that short form video content is being heavily pushed by most social media platforms)
      • Establish 6 month timeline for deployment of social media campaign

Funding Details

  • Total requested amount: $1500 - 148.4 NEAR
  • Target: liberation-wellness.sputnik-dao.near
  • Liberation Wellness DAO

Good morning, happy to support. Have a great day.

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Thank you @Dacha! we’re looking forward to getting this project funded and launched.

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Hi @Liberation.Ra thanks for submitting a well written and presented proposal. I personally like your goals and am also happy to support.

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Thank you @cryptocredit ! I appreciate the support and we’re looking forward to getting this project started.

HI @Liberation.Ra – thanks for the proposal. Do you have existing social media accounts that you can share on the Forum?

Also, this proposal mentions hiring a marketing team to create the social content. Is the funding going to be used towards paying a marketing team to create the social content for Liberation Wellness DAO? If so, you can consider creating a bounty and posting on the Forum to find a team…


Hi @so608 thanks for your reply and questions! Yes we do! Twitter: @LibwellDAO @tamholistic

Instagram: @Liberation.Wellness @Playful.healing@Tamholistic

Facebook: Izzy & Venus & Tammholistic

We’re not necessarily looking for a team to create content, more so build a content strategy, manage content, and potentially also include in-house content editing for social media optimization (like short form / reel content)

Potentially this will also include some content creation such as promotional content. And we will need to hire out content creation throughout the process as well. We currently have a bounty on the creatives board for a new logo.

The long answer to your statement though is yes, we plan look on the forum to look for people to work with. Our goal is to work within the near ecosystem as much as possible in these projects.

I would need to see concrete deliverables to give this a thumbs up. What will be the output of these efforts?

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Ofcourse, that is our goal. The goal is for the DAO to be self-sustaining. These efforts will largely benefit our DAOs audience growth and client acquisition for our current offerings. It will also assist in most effectively building a strategy for the delivery of our NFT project.

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Good evening, awesome DAO, team and cutting-edge goals.

Thanks for your proposal.

In its current form, I am unable to support this proposal.

  • It is unclear to me what the connection between the Liberation Wellness (DAO) and NEAR is. I personally like the Wellness aspect. However, it seems to be a separate body of work without sufficient overlap with NEAR
  • This may fall under the bucket of marketing expenses for a project that may not translate into marketing for NEAR or, put differently, growth and value creation for the wider NEAR ecosystem
  • The use of the word DAO on the name doesn’t automatically make it a Web 3 and therefore fundable

Reminder that it is normal for Council members to come to different conclusions and it is possible for proposals to get funded as long as you hit a majority support from other Council members.

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I can support this project for a month – I understand the connection between your project and the NEAR ecosystem as outlined in your intro post on the Forum, work with Primordia DAO and DAOcubator. Because you are in the very early stages, I think what is important if you plan to seek future funding is being able to come back to the Marketing DAO with a report that shows progress made in terms of the milestones outlined in the proposal, as well as evidence of how this project is onboarding health and wellness pros and enthusiasts into the NEAR ecosystem. Moving this to approved. You can submit to Astro.


@satojandro I apologize for the delay I’ve been away the past week. And thank you for your feedback! I appreciate you letting me know that the connection between LW DAO and NEAR is not clear. The connection is made in several ways. first, we are organizing, and growing our DAO structure in the NEAR ecosystem. We are already using NEAR internally to pay each other and are working to integrate NEAR payment into our client structure.

Second, we have a major goal of onboarding wellness professionals into LW DAO and the NEAR ecosystem to create and grow projects and create and share work in a decentralized approach.
We aim to market that LW DAO operates within NEAR because it is the premier ecosystem for wellness brands to grow on and consumers to find professionals to work with.
Our NFT project is to be built on the NEAR ecosystem as well.

Again, I thank you for your input! I hope this makes the connections more clear.

Hi, I apologize for the delay, I’ve been away this past week. Thank you for your reply and support! Yes, I understand the importance of reporting back to Marketing DAO with a report showing progress in relation to our outlines milestones and proposal, including evidence of how we are onboarding people into the ecosytstem. We are looking forward to our first report. thank you!

Hi, the poll has been submitted to Astro

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@so608 @marketingdao-council How can we ensure that our DAO poll is completed before timing out in the marketing vertical DAO? https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-345
It currently has 19 hours left. This is our first time submitting for funding through marketing DAO, I wasn’t able to find information on steps to take to ensure the poll does not time out.

Good evening! Looking forward to seeing report. Thank You

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Good morning, yes I will be sharing it soon!

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