[REPORT] Kin DAO April 2022

[REPORT] Kin DAO - April 2022

Hi Creatives!

There is no boring month when DAOing! Because of your support The Kin DAO team was able to travel to the Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota with EFAM DAO for Uncila Makoce Week.

The week was full of education, ceremony, planting, cooking, eating and celebration in service for future generations. We learned about nutrition, indigenous herbalism, traditional cooking, watched hand crafted documentaries, and planted tees. The Kin DAO team presented our journey into Web3 on Friday 12/22/21 and started the process of beginning some of the first Lakota DAOs on NEAR alongside EFAM DAO, ARC DAO and our fellow architectural and inventor teammates who taught about alternative building techniques and philosophies on sacred geometry. Now that we are home we have much work to do to continue our relationships with those we met in South Dakota and help our extended community build their DAOs responsibility. We will be including many of these folks in our upcoming New Art City Exhibition that is slowly building up to be something enormously impactful. Thank you all for your support in our journey.

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