[PROPOSAL] Kin DAO - Uncila Makoce Week w/EFAM DAO, South Dakota - April 2022

Kin DAO Collaboration in with EFAM DAO - Uncila Makoce Week @ Rosebud Reservation, South Dakota

In collaboration with EFAM DAO (@xochicana & @Ashelseasunz & Leah), we will be attending the Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota for Ucila Makoce (Grandmother Earth) Week long event from April 18th - 22nd. The purpose of this event is to collectively teach and learn creative ways that we can rebuild sustainable relationships with nature and our communities. There will be a large focus on food sovereignty, healthy eating practices, alternative building methods, alternative economics and creative skills. Our role will be to present Near, Web3, DAO’s & support creative workshops with the youth as tangible options for the Rosebud community to build alternative systems of stability and creativity. We intend to help onboard some DAOs through the Primordia DAO project and weave in art from the community members into the upcoming New Art City exhibition.

Here is the gofundme page (these funds will specifically be going to the organization of the event to rent the space/equipment/supplies/food etc) with a video including all the collaborators:

And a few flyers of the event scheduling (Kin DAO will be presenting on Thursday):

Total cost: $6420 USD
Total asked due to funding limit: $5000


  • $3472 for flights from SFO - PIR for 7 people

Rental Car

  • $795 for rental car
  • $500 for gas

Estimated Total


  • $1653 for a hotel for the week

Cost per night

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