EFAM DAO May & June Monthly Report Back

**Project Name: EFAM DAO

Project Status: *Completed & In Progress

April Funding Proposal:

& UPDATED report back:

May Funding Proposal:

Project Accounting: Our proposal was approved May 25th and we just received the funds late June.

Updated Project Timeline: This proposal funding work we are continually engaging in. We have been juicing every Monday & Wednesday and distributing to the local West Oakland unhoused community. We have gathered photos to document the juicing process and are starting to work on NFTs with nutritional content and onboarding the juice team leads into NEAR once the funds have successfully transferred to our account. They will be done by the end of July. Here’s an example of one NFT we plan to mint :

** We’ve successfully distributed 100s of juices each week, 1000+ lbs of reclaimed food, and captured dozen of beautiful photos.

**We would like to improve on getting access to funds to fulfill proposals more swiftly - now that more team members have passed KYC, this should be easier moving forward. We would also like to use NEAR as an incentive to onboard more volunteers to our team. Funding like this makes our volunteer led effort more consistent and enticing.

Next Steps:
***We are excited to get juice team members onboarded into NEAR, and plan to onboard 1 person / week for the next month.
We’ve used this last month to catch up on delayed work, and are looking forward to moving on to a July funding proposal to continue to advance our mission.