[Report] January development report

Hello everyone,

Following the approval of january bounty, this is the report from January.
This was a very good month, we launched the Create Thing feature (3XR’s CreateThing Turns Virtual Galleries into Custom NFTs on NEAR | by NEAR Team | NEAR Protocol | Jan, 2022 | Medium).

things i did:

  • fix recent galleries component in landing page to only show custom 3d galleries

  • add instagram redirect: Login • Instagram

  • add featured accounts to the landing page

  • fix preview spaces asset places

  • change create flow: add templates to the first step instead of the second step

  • reorder the components in the first step

  • add max nfts per template info for the user

  • add max nfts per template limit when selecting nfts

  • fix selected nfts margins

  • fix dropdown position when opened

  • change ‘your nfts’ component query: now it’s ordered by most recent ones

  • add scroll bottom button in nfts selection when user selects at least one nft

  • change total nfts error message place and copy

  • fixed landing page of create 3xr console errors

  • fix drag and drop nfts component size and number of items per row in larger screens

  • add selected nfts counter for 1st step of the create flow

  • add small badge with unique accounts in the royalties of each selected nft

  • limit to 28 max royalties per gallery

  • add pop up that shows all the unique accounts in selected nfts split royalties

  • add custom error messages for nfts limit and royalties limit

  • clear error message when template changes

  • if selected nft is a 3xr gallery only adds minter to royalties

  • fix royalties final calculation

  • fix step 4 loading button

  • fix step3 preview problem

  • fix preview loading font family

  • add ‘remove all’ option in selected nfts component

  • add royalty split info in summary card (final step)

  • add creatething title to the app

  • code refactor for saving selected nfts

  • fixed problem with preview related to switching template

  • get all the things ready for Create Thing launch

  • several meetings with people in the NEAR ecosystem

  • creation of a 3XR ppt presentation

  • brainstorming of new ideas and how to improve what we have

  • testing the 3XR apps in both mainnet and testnet

CREATE 3XR: https://create.3xr.space/
3XR: https://www.3xr.space/

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: :blush:


Awesome work! 3xr keeps growing and growing :star_struck: :star_struck: