[Report] November development report

Hello everyone,

Following the approve of november bounty, this is the report from November.
So excited, this month was really nice in terms of new developments, fixing some problems and build a solid solution for 3xr.
The create app is on mainnet :smiley: and had been tested for some of you, and with the feedback we improved/currently improving a lot of things.

Things I did regarding development this month:

  • account feature to show your creations (minted) and your collection (owned) small fixes after the analysis of @microchipgnu, and now it’s online! link: 3xr.space/your-wallet.near

  • fixed player ‘jump’ in web after he enters any screen;

  • testing the apps (create and space) and open issues to solve

  • road to mainnet create 3xr:
    - fixed the thing size in the custom gallery
    - fixed the asset places from the things
    - added and fixed dao object to dao address field
    - added mainnet and testnet network detecter
    - fixed nft rotation in the custom gallery
    - fixed vercel environment vars that were not working
    - added account name to dao dropdown option
    - fixed sky color not appearing in the custom gallery
    - fixed wrong nft order in custom after the gallery creation
    - fixed router if in thing detail and its from custom gallery goes to gallery instead of store
    - fixed and added new logic for the gallery royalties split
    - added loading and empty message for your nfts component
    - changed deposit fee to be equal to the dao bond
    - changed proposal fee to be equal to the dao bond
    - added lights to custom gallery
    - fixed buttons ‘view’ and ‘hide’ size and width in the custom gallery
    - fixed nfts order in the custom gallery
    - fixed success page redirect error
    - opened an issue in astroDAO repo related to the description of the proposal not appearing in astroDAO
    - added the feature that allows user to choose between minting on a store that he is a minter or propose to DAO
    - fixed redirect after minting the gallery in store error
    - changed favicon of the app
    - added new header, with logo and disconnect from wallet action
    - fixed tablet dimentions of ‘you-nfts’ component
    - fixed mobile/tablet selected nfts css problem
    - fixed thing page button ‘go to gallery’ if the thing loaded is a custom gallery
    - create automatic title, description and image for the gallery
    - changed summary page layout
    - added ‘go to home’ button in first step
    - fix token type missing ‘image’
    - changed ‘go to home’ button icon
    - only fetch generated image 1 time instead of multiple times along the process of the steps
    - fix nfts search to be case insensitive
    - fix wrong margins in the steps
    - fix banner height in mobile
    - save default title and description in general variable
    - allow users to edit the title and description of the gallery in the last step (summary)

  • created new issues

  • brainstorming of new features and ideas

  • don’t show portal box in account page if user don’t have minted or owned nfts.

  • fixed portal box size in the account page

  • Added round 5 of new featured stores in 3xr: daolex.mintbase1.near, fashioninterrupted.mintbase1.near, gambiarra.mintbase1.near, daolex.mintbase1.near


Awesome work @sainthiago!

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