[Report] October development report

Hello everyone,

Following the [[APPROVED] PART-TIME DEV Virtual Reality - October ] this is the report from October. So happy that we did a lot of things in this month and that the 3xr platform is growing a lot.

Features and fixes that I did so far in October:

  • Fixed the load more-art after the review from @microchipgnu on my initial pull request;
  • Analyzed and fixed the bug where the store owner name looks broken;
  • Added round 3 of new featured stores in 3xr: cleannfts.mintbase1.near, zeitwarp.mintbase1.near, afrikaburn.mintbase1.near, muti.mintbase1.near
  • Fixed a bug related to server side rendering of the nfts of the store;
  • Changed the load more art loader functionality: now it loads when the user is on top of the area instead of clicking in the button.
  • Fixed the query to get store owner and baseuri when loading the store
  • Created and added 404 error page - page not found - testlink: https://www.3xr.space/store
  • Created and added 500 error page - internal server error - testlink: https://www.3xr.space/store/jdhjkhfdskjhf
  • Added the account world: https://www.3xr.space/[accountid] (pending @microchipgnu approval)
  • Added the minted gallery (his creations) of the user: https://www.3xr.space/[accountId]/minted (pending @microchipgnu approval)
  • Added the owned gallery(his collections) of the user: https://www.3xr.space/[accountId]/owned (pending @microchipgnu approval)
  • Removed the load more art loader and added pagination and navigation for stores
  • Added round 4 of new featured stores in 3xr: nearnftclub.mintbase1.near, thephilosophersgang.mintbase1.near, oniroscope.mintbase1.near, 50mint.mintbase1.near
  • Integration of the nft gallery creator in the 3xr in github and vercel (create.3xr.space)
  • Road to mainnet with the 3xr.create
    - Added view and hide buttons for the nfts of the custom gallery;
    - Added code to redirect to the gallery if the nft is a custom 3xr gallery
    - Fixed some height and distance problems between nfts in the custom gallery;
    - Changed the position of nfts to be set and loaded in the custom gallery and not in the creation of it;
    - added validations to the gallery image input (format)
    - some code cleanup (removed unused imports, dependencies,
    removed code comments, console logs)
    - fixed responsive problem in the recent galleries card
    - added the custom gallery tag in ‘your nfts’ component
    - fixed royalties fixed wallet name to current wallet id
    - changed the dao address field to be a select instead of a input
    - fixed the sky color picker color preview
    - added/fixed the royalties for the gallery

I’m looking forward to have the nft gallery creator in mainnet, we are so close!

if you have any question, feel free to ask.
thank you,


What’s the NFT Gallery Creator?
Is there a link to the testnet version for people to reference?

Awesome work @sainthiago, and thanks for this report!


You’ll love it! (had a sneak peak during the hackathon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


thank you so much!
the nft gallery creator basicly allows you to create a gallery of nfts as an nft.
to be minted in mintbase.io it needs the approve of the DAO that you submit the creation of this gallery nft.
all the envolved partys get royalties once it gets sold! :smiley:

here’s the link to the testnet: https://3xr-minter-challenge.vercel.app/

if you have more questions, feel free to ask!