[Report] December development report

Hello everyone,

Following the approve of december bounty, this is the report from December.
This was a very good month, we finished a couple of features, we changed the create.3xr.space UI, added new templates, gated galleries and had a lot of new ideas for the future.

things i dide:

  • fixed problem with local storage variables

  • fixed store undefined redirect

  • fixed summary card mobile problems

  • new create UI:
    - align header buttons and info in the homepage
    - fix progress bar steps
    - add new layout for the summary card (last step)
    - lots of braistorming of new branding colors
    - change platform font family
    - new styles and fixes to the nfts selections
    - style fixing in input fields
    - remove border in the where to mint radio options
    - new homepage cards
    - add new colors to all the platform

  • removed unused code in create.3xr - gallery basic info component

  • add store info of the dao that will be minted if accepted under the ‘where to mint’ radio option

  • Fix your nfts hover border color

  • add featured accounts wall in landing page

  • add new column to the 3xr feature database

  • created two new rest api for the featured galleries and accounts

  • add the right url redirect for featured stores and featured accounts

  • only show sky color selector for the right templates

  • add new templates for the project

  • add nfts asset places on every new templates

  • fix scroll to bottom interaction in create homepage

  • fix scroll to top interaction in create homepage

  • change initial position and rotation of player in landing space

  • change ‘visit mintland’ button rotation in landing space

  • add banner in landing space with a CTA (call to action) to the create.3xr.space

  • change player raycast for landing space

  • add gated_by metadata in query

  • add gated icon in create.3xr.space recent gallery card

  • add more results in the search component (now it’s 30 instead of 10)

  • add new pause menu

  • add new loading screen

  • created new issues

  • meetings

  • overall testing the 2 apps: create and 3xr

  • brainstorming of new features and ideas

CREATE 3XR: https://create.3xr.space/
3XR: https://www.3xr.space/

Thank you so much! :slight_smile: