[Report] INA DAO March

Hi all!

Project Name: INA DAO March

DAO: ina.sputnik-dao.near


Thanks for approving our Budget for March! Below, you may see INA’s updates for the month:

Project Accounting: 5.97 N + 526.48 DAI / currently 621.81 USD

Still to be paid out/claimed:

  • 100 USD for additional Instagram posts for My Gaia / Mom Project - our former Social Media Budget included 2X Twitter and 2X Instagram posts, we had to upgrade our number of posts after receiving a high-volume of pieces.
  • 450 USD for “The faces of the godess” Art Project winners - we’re announcing them by mid-April.


  • The artworks were displayed in our Cryptovoxels art gallery and our brand new Nearhub Gallery as a part of our Gallery Show.

  • The DJ kintamani.near, collaborator of the Goa DAO, joined us with live-streaming in the Show.

  • From the submitted pieces, 3 were chosen as winners based on the following criteria: relation to the theme, level of innovation, and technique domain. The winners @BeluEspina, @GeminiRisingMedia and @BarbaraBezina were rewarded accordingly.

  • In terms of Social Media, we dedicated most of our efforts to attract submissions and raise visibility of the artworks:


  • We decided to use the DAI stablecoin as preferred payment method, to avoid losing funds after Near oscillations.
  • We understood the importance of good stable internet connection for music streaming, which is why we’ll avoid doing them live in future occasions, and we’ll use pre-recorded sets instead.
  • As the streaming setup in our Cryptovoxels art gallery took more work than expected, we’re adding a fee to cover for this technical work.
  • Adding artworks to the gallery was also a time-consuming task that required extra council work, so we’ll add it on to our next budget for visibility.
  • We’re trying to develop a voting method for prizes which is more transparent to the whole community, and hopefully we can adopt it for “The faces of the godess” contest.

Next steps

  • Announce the winners of The faces of the godess art project and set up the gallery for the collective exhibition/party taking place on April 18th.
  • Continue building our social presence.
  • Develop more female-related projects to keep the community engaged.