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Hello @marketingdao-council,

INA DAO created the Instagram and Twitter accounts a little over two months ago, but until now we reached the current numbers with engagement and organic growth. We are very happy that @talitafflima is part of INA DAO and is supporting us in terms of Social Media.

We have started with one monthly event and a showcase in NEARhub and Cryptovoxels and are planning on having monthly competitions for artists as well as supporting other initiatives on NEAR.

Until now we have collaborated with muti DAO and NEARhub, our next artist competition will be held on Paras and we are looking forward exploring more NEAR related platforms for artists.

As we are planning on having monthly events and more content in May, we would now like to apply for support from the Marketing Vertical for the upcoming month. This way we will be able to also work with paid promotions and boost the 2 available channels even more.

Currently we have the following content channels:


At the time of writing this proposal, INA DAO’s twitter account has 122 followers, Instagram channel has 171 followers and our Telegram has 75 members. We also started a Youtube channel which we will use now for our monthly concerts and exhibition openings. Possibly we will also use it for workshops, interviews etc in the future. At the moment our main focus is Twitter and Instagram.

Until now we have posted regularly and showcased all participating artists and updates of the DAO.

We have a goal of reaching 500 followers on Twitter and Instagram in the coming months.

We will continue with four weekly posts on our Instagram and Twitter and are aiming to reach the following numbers:

  • Twitter: 150 followers
  • Instagram: 200 followers

This proposal is for the month of May. During the coming months we will analyze the work done to determine the best strategies for the future.



  • 150$ to manage the Instagram account (4 posts& stories per week)

  • 150$ for managing Twitter account (4 original tweets week & retweeting NEAR related tweets)

  • 50$ for Twitter Ads and Instagram Ads (Paid Promotions which will be used to support NFT posts as well as the event post to reach a bigger audience during the events)

  • TOTAL IN USD: 350$

  • TOTAL IN DAI (preferred payment currency): 350 DAI

  • NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: inadaoV2.near / KYC through @geminirising

Thank you for your attention.


And another one related with marketing

Happy to support your proposal. Have a great day.


Hi @Belen_Zuazo thanks for your proposal.

Also happy to support


Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
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Good initiative and reasonable scope. Thumbs up from me.

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Hi, I hope you meant “poll” and not “pool”! Here is the link to the poll. Still need some more votes from you. Thanks!

Thanks :blush: my bad, fixed )