[Report] INA DAO April

Hi all!

Project Name: INA DAO April

DAO: inav2.sputnik-dao.near


Thanks for approving our Budget for April! Below, you may see INA’s updates for the month:

Project Accounting: 6.71 N + 3290.25 DAI + 89.90 MARMAJ / currently 4,467.52

Still to be paid out/claimed:



  • We’ve developed a voting method for prizes which is more transparent to the whole community, and adopted it for “The faces of the godess” contest.
  • This was developed by creating a separate group in our Astro named “community” and inviting all members of our Telegram group to join.
  • We then created one poll per piece, so that every member could vote for their favorites. This brought lots of engagement and positive feedback from the community.
  • This system involved 2 attempts: on the first one, we made a mistake in the settings, with sadly disabled our former Astro preventing members from submitting polls or voting. This also resulted in INA losing ~ 500 USD in funds.
  • We then created a new Astro, and got the settings right. More information about the issue can be found on this post.
  • We also lost funds while converting our budget in N to DAI, as N dropped shortly after the budget was received. We will therefore be requesting our next budgets directly in DAI.
  • To compensate for a part of the loss, the @marmajfoundation has very kindly offered 89.90 of their tokens. :heart:

Next steps

  • Announce the chosen pieces for the Art project We Are Super Heroes
  • Recruit a new DJ/musician to join us in the show.
  • Make a smooth council transition between @tabear, who’ll still be involved in INA as an advisor, and @BeluEspina. More information about the council update can be found on this post.

Please do let us know if you have any questions.