[Report] INA DAO February

Hi all!

Project Name: INA DAO February

DAO: ina.sputnik-dao.near


Thanks for approving our Budget for February! Below, you may see INA’s updates for the month:

Project Accounting: 54.4 N / currently 603.96 USD

Still to be paid out/claimed:

  • 450 USD for the Mom project (we will prolong the deadline, therefore no payout yet)
  • DAO facilitation $310 USD x N



  • Received community feedback about Google Drive submissions not being friendly with author rights.
  • As a result, we invited the community to mint their pieces directly.
  • However, we needed to create a new Mintbase Store as we couldn’t transfer the previous one from an individual wallet to the collective one.

Next steps

  • Announce the winners of the Mom Project and set up the gallery for the collective exhibition/party taking place on March 8th.
  • Continue building our social presence.
  • Develop more female-related projects to keep the community engaged.