[REPORT] Gruta DAO - August 2022 - Building momentum!

Here is our report for the month of August, where we made the biggest introduction of Web 3.0 to our DAO members and they started to using it!

While still having a lot to do, since much of the people are not technical or geek. Most of our DAO members have worked in the creative industries for long years or do production for different themes and outside of scope of web themes. Onboarding should be done consistently and instead of rushing, this is what I have learned in the last year of working with NEAR, while doing hackthons or onboarding events.

Project Name: Gruta DAO

Project Status: [In progress]

Project members:

From now on we will be using work groups and growing the DAO in a organized manner.


@TRosario - rosario.near
@Tresa - tresa.near
@curto - curto.near
@parisinocencio - parisinocencio.near
@aredpanda - chotas.near

Gruta Productions | Gruta Plataform | Gruta Trax

@jesuscrido - jesuscrido.near
Jonny Kadaver - kadaver.near
Mee K - mee_k.near


Ricardo Simões - asuos.near (Designer, web-designer and illustrator)
Mariana Tengner Barros - Dancer, Choreographer and A Bela Association President
Silvia A Carteirista - Plastic, collage and AI artists.

New group created to onboard people that constantly work with Gruta and will bring more to the DAO and also we can onboard to Web 3.0

We will this following next months experiment with voting for this new groups in different types of decision making subjects.

Balance: Current account balance: $ 901.14

We were almost able to pay every of our funding proposals to hasten our work, still the ones missing are the ones that still need to be finished in terms of work and are reported bellow.

Astro Dao: gruta.sputnik-dao.near

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Project Reports:

Metrics and everything is described inside of each proposal report, we will be making a final report in the end of this thread.

1. Gruta a DAO, Co-op and Creative Industry Plataform


This is one of our greatest subjects, how could Gruta as a cooperative grow and be a cutting edge technology project with web 3.0, giving the possibility for the creatives industries thrive as a community. We have encountered a lot of similarities and want to develop this subject much further. This report will be updated and further developed with the funding given in the month of August.

2. Gruta DAO Website - Phase 0 → Phase 1


The website middle steps of development is now ongoing, we still have a lot to do, but we are going strong, the designer and UI/UX collaborators will be in charge of the most from now on. We will be updating the site with our long backlog of years of existence and making the way to populate our website. This proposal and project still will have a few months until final completed.

3. CROSS SECTION - Experimental Audio-Visual & Arts jam!


This was a great way to onboard people to work as a community and mix different types of art and web 3.0 creative subjects, we want to now pratice this with community members and open to other collectives and DAOs. We are in conversation with the Metaverse DAO, to bring this to the metaverse! Also we will be giving tasks of minting NFT to people in this events also for them to understand, we want to add them as minters to our store to make them learn.

4. Workshops Sound as a Medium


This proposal had great impact in our way of thinking on how workshops can work with communities and the creative industry, how is possible for us to grow with this and spread knowledge. Using web 3.0 as leverage to impact and potentiate everything learned while achieving true certification on-chain.


  • Onboarding :

(We are now understanding that creating wallets that are not gonna be used, isn’t proper onboarding. Constant work with the people and making them use the technology should be the way forward.)

  • silvia_luz - Collage, plastic and AI artist.
  • Zoid - Still needs a wallet - UI/UX collaborator.

So this next few months we will be concentrating in onboarding mostly collaborators that we can trust.

  • Minted 40 Unique NFTs from our Sound Workshop and Cross Section event.

There’s a problem in Mintbase currently (15/09/2022) with metadata that isn’t deploying the NFT to the Mintbase stores. We will be updating this with the NFT itself.

  • Social Media Growth
    • We have seen a huge growth and expect more since we are on the stage of redeploying our social medias for newly upgraded projects. Prints follow:



We need to step up the DAO members with the technology that is given by NEAR Protocol and its web 3.0 applications, also we need to expand our communication much better in Twitter to the crypto ecosystem. Also proper deploying infographic with our ideas so the can be better explained between the ecosystem.

Next Steps:

- Final details to our Legal Wrapper as cooperative in Portugal!

We just started preparing our last documentation to achieve this legal wrapper that we are so much studying to get it to be our main focus in web 3.0.

- Onboard the Creatives DAO to our TG community chat and start broadcasting there our ideas of colllaborations

- Open a physical and redeemer shop in Mintbase for anything we have in Gruta.

- Create more collaborations with the NEAR Ecosystem!


Any questions please do ask!