[REPORT] Gruta DAO - Website out of hibernation!

This is the report for our website building and proposal from the month of July.

We successfully were able to onboard a designer to work in our website and into to the NEAR Ecosystem to start to work with us.

We will be working with Ricardo Simões!
asuos.near - NEAR Wallet created :slight_smile:

This is the design in development for our Gruta website → gruta.live

We are still developing a lot of the design in this website for all the pages, including the podcasts, events and record label sections. We will be keeping updates on everything done.

Our first release date for this initial phase of the website is: 23rd of August.

We already deployed a few of this designs in the domain name we already had (gruta.live) and currently we are better deploying the design we worked with our pages and working in the structure of everything we want to create. Much of the things online are only hold has placeholder for us able to test them as you can see if you follow the link to our website.

The next steps is connecting the website with web 3.0 conceptualizations, we want to have links and everything connected for our deployments in the NEAR Ecosystem and forward with the development of our dApp. Which in August we will have a deployment of a few ideas we already described in our initial introduction.

Transfer proposal for the work done here in AstroDAO

Any ideas or stuff that we should add to our website please do tell.