Hello fam, I would like to give an ongoing report on “GRAFF ON THE WALL”s3 event coordinated by DedeukwuShryne.

I took 7 days off internet for some spiritual reasons which i returned this Monday but the organizers which received their $50 respectively @Azavitch & @Gbenga03 carried out the project in a perfect manner despite the rainy days which made artists living in a flooded environment not to turn up but as I type an artist is already painting the 6th Graff piece, we have made reservation for the artists that are yet to come too and will take this week to get all of them documented for the next report that will come with the minted links to this collection.

As an aspiring curator and collector this event has been an awesome medium to learn and interact with graffiti artists but i must say they are much concerned about the marketing of the project which they see as a major thing that needs attention too so I’ll make sure to look into pushing the collections to the reach their collectors too.

-Covered and photographed 5 Graffiti arts ( find attachment below ) still ongoing.
-we have sent 0.5 each Crypto to the following:
( still in the wallet creation and crypto tipping of the new 2 )
Event coverage and photography by @Justice.kell will be edited soon and uploaded to our YouTube too
I’ll submit

Tagging @Albhion @Ligaya
I will submit final report to this event once we are done with everything in a week time.