[REPORT] Generative Sound Design Landscapes (#1 and #2)

Hello people,

Following the [APPROVED] Generative Sound Design for Motion Landscape in VR #1 and [APPROVED] Generative Sound Design for Motion Landscape in VR #2, I set the pipeline for Pure Data implementation into Unity for generative and spatialized sound making, and designed a phase vocoder patch as the main sonic tool for the project.

Landscape #1

I used the phase vocoder tool to mix the spectra of natural sounds of interactions of stones with other materials, as a gesture of transposing some aspects of Chico’s work into the sound making process. This was used to create an interactive sound for the moving stones.

I created a process of algorithmic composition for a musical background using 9 different layers of sound to create a complex relation unfolding in time. This was set to be with a “suspended” mood to keep this light. Also, I had a spectral morphing of watery sounds to the background

Landscape #2

In this case, the floating objects had a fixed sonic material in loop, which was created with the phase vocoder tool. Each stone had a portion of the spectrum of the “complete” sound, and the soundscape was generated by the simultaneous auditory perception of all sources.

The musical background layer was more dark for this landscape, opening the algorithm to some minor intervals too, and adding more string and granulated layers. The background also had an interactive layer, which basically consist in the spectral morphing of the composition with a water sample, making the sound more diffuse when the user went to the “highest” point of the landscape.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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thank you so much for putting thing together :slight_smile:

Is there any way in which we can have access to the sound created? I don’t see any link to the pieces themselves. Are you planning on minting some content in our store?

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ideally we can have the ‘final’ work in a stand-alone build, and then we can think about what to do with it, no?

Technically speaking it can’t be done.
The algorithms work with the virtual reality piece and is procedural, so exist only when the vr scene is experienced.
@frnvpr idea would be a great goal, but right now there are some technical issues in the development that should be resolved in order to get a stand-alone application in any platform.
We could think of this as another work or a task for a freelance developer.

Ok, i see. During the event there were a lot of problems with the technical aspect of the experience, so I was hoping it could be done.

Yea. The build wasn’t recognizing the quest 2. We tried with the second landscape which was supposed to be less complex technically, but still didn’t work. But I guess that is @nearestchico interest, and also mine for sure, to get a proper building.

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yeah, a lot of people were asking if they could buy it; and I’m sure we could showcase it online, if you want :smiley: