[APPROVED] Oculus Quest 2 app for Motion Landscape in VR #1

Following the work done in september 2021 by me (@nearestchico), and the work done in October 2021 by @nico, I put forward this proposal for the consideration of the VR DAO council for the aesthetic finalization of an unified audiovisual VR experience and development of a stand alone application for Oculus Quest 2.

This project, so far only shown in NearCon Lisbon, was not built in a way that allows it to be shared online. So our objective is to rebuild this project in a way that will allow us to share it with the community.


During the first two weeks the artistic group process will be revisited and a new version of the work will be done from a collaborative process, in contrast with the last version which followed a more hierarchical process given the deadline presentation for NearCon. We hope to implement ideas that we didn’t manage to reproduce at that time.

The final two weeks will be used to export the artwork as an Oculus Quest 2 app, work that was impossible to do for NearCon, even in its unfinished form, given the time schedule and the massive quantity of bugs in the code that needed to be fixed in order to generate the app. This aspect will consume the most part of our time work.

40h/month of development @nearestchico => 1250$

40h/month of development @nico => 1250$

Total request: 2500$

Thank you!