[APPROVED] Generative Sound Design for Motion Landscape in VR #1

I put forward this proposal for the consideration of the VR DAO council in the context of Motion Landscapes in VR project (by @nearestchico ), for the development, design and integration of a generative soundscape. This project will be shown at Near Con.


The generative sound design will consist in the development of a work pipeline between Unity and Pure data for real-time sound generation/interaction, the design of a generative algorithm for sound synthesis and reproduction implemented as a Pure Data patch, and field recording of urban and natural soundscapes that will serve as materials for the Pure Data final patch.

The value proposed for this project is 1750 USD (~€1500). It is important to consider that the developments realized through this project can be used for subsequent generative sound design projects, such as the second Motion Landscape, reducing the workload and cost of future sound design projects.


Awesome! I want to see this happen, so as council member, I approve this proposal. We will wait for feedback from the rest of the council and then I will integrate this in the VR DAO October funding request! (if the consensus is :+1:)


Hey! @nico

We would like to see the report of this project in the end of the month :smiley:
By then, feel free to create a New topic in the Creatives + Virtual Reality categories with your [REPORT] .

Please add links, images, topics so the community can have an overall idea of what you’ve been doing so far :smiley:

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Sure @JulianaM , will do

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