Hello all :slight_smile:

Project Name: VR DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 869N**

** Several payouts pending, for example council work, the ongoing colour bounty (good response from the community, but not enough time to obtain serious replies), this workshop, that was postponed due to NEAR|CON, etc.

DAO vr-dao.sputnikdao.near

Updated Project Timeline:

For the month of October our focus was the NEAR|CON showcase.

During the month, we had several meetings to establish the strategy for the next 3 months, which include focusing on taking 3xr.space to higher highs, collaborating with Incubadora DAO in projects and revamping the VR DAO communication and social media presence [proposal to marketing DAO].

In addition to that, we are focused on implementing strategies to increase the VR DAO sustainability and develop strategies to generate income.


** Continued supporting a bounty to engage with the community in creating an accessibility guide for VR, with several positive replies from artists with and without physical disabilities. That bounty is now closed. [link]

** Continued supporting a bounty to reward articles who speak about colour experience [link]

** Council member @nearestchico developed 2 landscapes (one in October) to be showcased during NEAR|CON. Several NFTs will be created and sold in our Mintbase store. When the build is stable, it will also be used to showcase the VR DAO work on social media channels. [link] [individual report(soon]]

** In addition to the Motion Landscape (1 and 2), two generative soundscapes were created by council member @nico and showcased during NEAR|CON. [link 1 e 2] [individual report]

** We supported @JulianaM project: 3D sculptures series + Poetry for the VR DAO 3xr gallery[individual report]

** We have been discussing, with @kurtisAikins [link] the possibility of showcasing his work on the VR DAO Mintbase store, and further activities. His first NFT on our store!

** Our part-time developer (@sainthiago ) was funded directly by the Creatives DAO council. His report was made directly to this council, as expected. Here is the link.

** We upped the engagement with the community in the TG, twitter and instagram channels. At the moment, the TG channel has 54 members, instagram 60 followers, twitter 70 followers. In November, we will ask the Marketing DAO for support regarding these channels.



** Council members @nearestchico and @nico, @microchipgnu e @frnvpr have been engaging with the Production team of NEAR | CON to provide technical expertise to the organization of the VR DAO experience, both before and during the event. [link]

** Several sputnikdao payout requests from new and old council members, plus payouts from those engaging in bounties.

Sputnik DAO


*** After having requested the Developer payout directly to the Creatives DAO council (link) (link), we have decided to include it again in the general VR DAO budget, following the expressed community doubts.

*** The council of an important DAO must be balanced, so several boxes are checked, like expertise, community engagement, administrative work, etc. However, we are now feeling the weight of having several council members who don’t have the time to engage fully, which leads to the slowing down of the DAO’s community response.

*** We are trying to streamline the council engagement, so all tasks are done in a fair and balanced way, by all those involved.

*** One of the most difficult tasks when engaging with the community is to filter the most relevant proposals. Everyone’s attention is needed.

Next Steps:

**** For the months of November the priority of the VR DAO will be to promote and support high quality VR Projects and focusing on 3XR.space

**** Will continue to look for more council members, ideally with a strong VR background and/or interest.

**** Will expand its scope and influence in the community, using the new instagram and twitter accounts to push for more members and general engagement.

Contacts and useful links:

Our TG channel is open to everyone who wants to engage with us and explore new VR related projects and ideas. Meet us on TG Telegram: Contact @vrdao

Everyone can also check what we are currently working on, just follow this link: vr-dao open doc - Google Docs (which might me moved to [PROPOSAL] Vr dao organizational chart) ; for the moment, only council members can edit, but feel free to comment.

Find also Microchipgnus project 3XR on twitter https://twitter.com/threexr_ and discord Discord .

Thank you! :blush:


thank you so much for this flawless report :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: looking forward to the next steps with Astro and the upcoming projects! :smiley:


On the NEARCON side, we were so indebted to the VR DAO - especially @microchipgnu and @frnvpr - for their expertise, assistance, and artistry (shout out to @nearestchico @nico !). The VR Exhibition wouldn’t have been able to happen without this DAO so definitely time well-spent this month according to us :wink:


It was a pleasure! And next time will be even better!