[REPORT] Gambiarra DAO Funding for March 2022

Council Members:
@thephilosopher / (until mid of March)

*Target: gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near
*Total Requested: 481.25 NEAR (5.000 USD)
*Total Spent: 457.18 NEAR
*Total Left: 24.06 NEAR

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished in March:

1 - Kids - [APROVEDD] gambiarra dao -kids gambiarra exhibition - #13 by Natashacremonese 500 USD

2 - Videos FEMINU - [Approved] Videos for the FEMINU Exhibition - #2 by Ghini 500 USD

3 - Antimetodo II - [APPROVED] Antimétodo II - online workshops - Nomade Label - #7 by blusw 500 USD

4 - Mintbasesunday - [Concluded] MintbaseSunday 4th edition - Gambiarra DAO - #15 by cleusaraven 500 USD

5 – Pessoa e seus Heterônimos [concluded] - recite: fernando pessoa and his heteronyms - gambiarra dao - #8 by Carlos 500 USD

6 – FEMINU VIDEOS - [Approved] Videos for the FEMINU Exhibition - #10 by filmesdeinfiltracao 500 USD

7 – Rent cryptovoxels space from the philosopher for 1 month: March 5th - April 4th. Gambiarra DAO Gallery 1 500 USD

8 - Council work.
Each of our council members received the amount of 500 USD making a total of 1500 USD. Important to note that 250 DAI were returned to the Gambiarra DAO due to the fact that ThePhilosopher, one of our consuls, left our team in the middle of March. So he returned part of the amount for the half of month he didn’t work with us.

*The 250 DAI left will be applied in Bounty initiatives and Hiring the Community.

Financial Movements
This month we experimented with not fixing the dollar amount received. We pay everybody according to the fluctuation of the dollar and the near.

This month we created the GAMBIARRADAO.NEAR a new wallet to proceed with the Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

ABOUT DAO The Legal Basics of DAOs. What are DAOs? | by LEGAL GUILD | Medium

Updated Projects Timeline:
All the projects were made in the appropriate time.

We’ve built (a) exhibition FEMINU, (b) some courses from Nomade Label artists, (c) 3 videos about FEMINU, (d) 5 events: Mintbase Sunday, FEMINU Opening and closing parties, guided Visits at FEMINU and the great talk about NFT, art and dissident bodies (e) we onboarded around 50 women artists that are participating of FEMINU, that is an exhibition only for those who identify themselves with the feminine.

We could learn that we could organize the DAO and the projects better, including in the relation with other friendly DAOs, in order to not make projects in the same time, for everybody to be able to participate of everything. We could also learn that we have many exhibition projects, that would be pleased by a headquarters in metaverse, our own gallery, with permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational features etc.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to build a gallery on a rented cryptovoxels land, to build a NEARHub space, and to make exhibitions, parties and courses in both spaces.


It´s being a pleasure to be part of this community!
Antimetodo is creating a culture of exchange and encounters of artists, sharing knowledge to build an stronger Brazillian community inside Near Ecosystem.

Glad to be with @pinkalsky @ritamaria @gushlewis @loveletterexe @DiegodelosCampos @fefesanchez

Thanks concil members from #gambiarra-dao
And also the active participants on our meeting:
@fly @l3v1at4 @calebav and #zerolikesrecs


you rocks Blu!

long live and prosper to nomade label DAO!

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