[REPORT] - Gambiarra DAO Funding for MAY 2022


DAO/Council Members




*Target: Gambiarra DAO Funding for APRIL 2022

*Total Requested Funding Amount: 5.000 USD in NEAR


What we proposed in MAY:

See below what we have accomplished in MAY:

  1. World Internet Day Exhibition - 500 USD
  1. Casulos (coccons) by Otávio Donasci - 500 USD
  1. Curating proposal for Gambiarra art events in our beautiful new building of free rent - 500 USD
  1. Feeling art classes with free software - 500 USD
  1. The BlockChat — Near Friendly Talks with Baga Defente - 500 USD
  1. Metatronic 4 - 500 USD
  1. MintbaseSunday 6th edition - 500 USD
  1. Council Work

Each of our council members will receive the amount of 500 USD making a total of 1500 USD.

Financial Movements

This month we experimented doing the payout right when we received the funds from NEAR. We trusted in our proposers and the trust exercise worked very well.

Marketing Work

The return on the marketing work made a lot of difference. The projects were seen more, the information reached people even more directly on twitter, instagram, discord, etc.


50 new members made the onboarding on NEAR Ecosystem and started to be part of GAMBIARRA minting on Mintbase. We expect new members to arrive and new artists to come up with incredible works, exchanges and proposals.


Updated Projects Timeline

This month @filmesdeinfiltracao is leaving their role as consul and will pass the baton to the next consul who is interested in this experience. @cleusaraven is one of the candidates and she was learning little by little with @filmesdeinfiltracao, @ghini and @dazo the deal of being consul.


(a) In May we had the honor to have Otavio Donasci, one of the most important Brazilian artists, with his performative, experimental, and immersive works. (b) we had a course about free software. (c) we have the great experience of Metatronic 4, where we had in total more than 65 people passing by the place (d) The 6th edition of Mintbase Sunday has increased our collection to 101 works of art and a total of 54 artists participating in our editions. (e) We had the opportunity to celebrate the World Internet Day Exhibition with 14 artists exhibiting their artwork. (f) In this month, we had 869 mints, which represents more than 10% of all mints in the store in a single month.


We learned that we need to be more connected and to exchange more about our projects, duties, and tasks. We learned, in the difficulty, that supporting the other makes things happen.

We are learning to organize the DAO and the projects better, and that we should more and more create partnerships with other friendly DAOs in order to make bigger projects and bring more opportunities to the community.

We created a drive with organised folders/files that can help future members and consuls in Gambiarra.

Next Steps

We will start the work on our roadmap, hoping for the development and continuity of our upcoming months.

We are really happy to announce that now we have our own space on cryptovoxels land, until the end of the year, so that we can hold GAMBIARRA exhibitions, possible parties in the metaverse, lectures, and so on.

We realize that we have super great projects in the community, and it is essential to request more money, so that more projects can be implemented.

For June, we are expecting great proposals to come.

Saudações / Greetings
And good movements for next that comes.