[Monthly Report] GAMBIARRA DAO - February 2022

Council Members:

*Target: gambiarra-dao.sputnik-dao.near

*Total Requested: 326.11 NEAR (3900 usd)
*Total Spent: 324.24 NEAR
*Total Left: 34.2037 NEAR

What we proposed:

What we have accomplished in February :

Bounty Initiatives and Hiring the Community (10 NEAR EACH: 125 usd each / total 40 NEAR)

Financial Movements

We decided to let the treasury in near and pay everybody with the conversion rate from the time we received the resources: 500 usd = 41.80 near

Community Telegram:



galeriagambiarra.near :white_check_mark: Sobre DAO The Legal Basics of DAOs. What are DAOs? | by LEGAL GUILD | Medium

Updated Projects Timeline:
All the projects were made in the appropriate time.

We’ve built (a) surreal podcast project, (b) some courses from Nomade Label artists, (c) 3 onboarding tutorial videos, (d) 2 events: Mintbase Sunday and 100 years of the Week of 22, (e) 4 design bounties to the community that made our identity, and (f) we onboarded around 50 women artists that are participating of next month event FEMINU, that is an exhibition only for those who identify themselves with the feminin.

We could learn that we could organize the projects better, including in the relation with other friendly DAOs (like Metaverse DAO), in order to not make projects in the same time, for everybody to be able to participate of everything. We could also learn that we have many exhibition projects, that would be pleased by a headquarters in metaverse, our own gallery, with permanent and temporary exhibitions, educational features etc.

Next Steps:
Next steps are to build a gallery on a rented cryptovoxels land, to build a NEARHub space, and to make exhibitions, parties and courses in both spaces.


it would be nice to add this report to our next funding proposal.
this is required by near, @filmesdeinfiltracao e @Dazo


Hi @thephilosopher, it’s Done :slight_smile: