[REPORT] fraDAO - August 2022

Report: Creatives - fraDAO - August - 2022

Q3 Council Members:

@frado frado.near

@narau narau.near

@PatriciaB pbborges.near

Target: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Request Funding Amount: $ 5000 USD

Paid on 30th August 2022. Thanks!

Agreed on August 22, 2022 for Vote_Approve_fraDAO_August_Proposal value: $5000 (DAI) - fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Workshop Blender for beginners


Status: Finished

Project members: @narau

In the first class, I had 23 students. During the workshop, some students could not keep up with the classes nor develop their projects until 30th August. 17 students attended the three classes offered and 13 of them already minted their 3D objects in our store Techne3D. https://www.mintbase.io/store/techne3d.mintbase1.near?tab=nfts&page=0

Workshop Scanning ART for 3D NFT*

Project link: [PROPOSE] Workshop Scanning ART for 3D NFT - fraDAO - August - 2022

Status: Finished
Project members: @PatriciaB

Even without receiving the funds

Last week we started:

  1. the onboarding process

  2. scanning app testing

  3. workshop PDF development

As follows:

Patricia has contacted she-artists, via FraDAO Telegram account as well as through her private WhatsApp contacts, in order to invite visual artists to take part in the 3D scanning workshop. She had enquired via a Telegram poll which OS the artists use on their mobile phone (scanning device) in order to decide which app will be used and if we can get free app access for this workshop. Also to evaluate if it will be needed to separate the workshop into two groups (Android and IOS).

Released invitation:

FraDAO Telegram account - Poll and Enquiries (example):

WhatsApp - Workshop invites (example):

At the same time, Patricia downloaded different free and paid scanning apps on her mobile phone (while her tablet device proved to be too old to run such apps). This way she could answer a few queries from interested artists related to hardware needs for the workshop, usability, file processing, and specific requests.

App Store available (free) scanning apps that were downloaded and tested:

Two 3D NFTs from those tests were minted by pbborges.near at Mintbase store (3D Techne) as follows:



Once one app has been chosen for the proposed workshop, Patricia started to develop the workshop PDF material. It consists of 3 classes:

  • Scan
  • Mint
  • Exhibit


Here follows some of the 3D NFTs minted by FraDAO’ artists who attended the workshop “Scanning 3D Art for 3D NFT”. Other examples may be found at: Techne 3D on Mintbase


Begin VR art Festival

Project link: [PROPOSE]Begin VR art Festival - fraDAO - August - 2022

Status: Finished

Project members: @frado @marinah_raposo and add @narau to the creative design team

Updated Project Timeline:

Even without receiving the funds, we advanced as much as possible. We created physical and online immersions to talk about the art festival and have ideas of the next metaverses that we will develop - necessary to contemplate more than 1200 NFTs already minted in the workshops of fraDAO.

We already bought some NFTs for our first art festival and chose the NFTs for the exposition.

The team is already fine-tuned, ideas are being put into practice in Blender, and curating is underway.

We created a governance system that will be applied to the festival, and we are starting to explain how it will work to the fraDAO members, in September, via Telegram. We will be redesigning the Telegram account, so that only members who have been onboarded by fraDAO or have completed our workshops will be part of our Telegram group. Only those who have the governance NFT will have access. Who haven’t the NFTs of governance or simply did not collaborate with anything, nor attended the workshops will be removed. We will leave the communication channel only for members, thus avoiding robots, random people, or malicious people who are not part of the community and do not put themselves as active and healthy members. In our governance, we preside over organization and fight against harassment, exploitation, rascality, cleverness, and scammer. If any traits of cunning and rascality are identified, they will be banned by the moderators, we want a healthy environment for women artists within the ecosystem. A peaceful and welcoming environment has always been our objective - proudly achieved, btw. But time consuming for the admins.

  1. Expography:

At this moment we bought the NFTs and selected the Main Lobby.

Curatorial process is ok! After item 2 Programmation and item 3 Spoke Server Database, we will pass to the Expography/user experience of the art festival.

  1. Design immersive space:

@narau and @frado had several online and physical meetings for art direction and conception of the Shape/structure of the space, described by Frado as a Vision during a Shamanic Experience. The idea for this Main Hall being built in wireframe will help a lot the user experience during the festival, because wireframes don’t have many triangles blocks which makes a lighter file database, for faster VR spaces in NEAR Hubs.

@narau started to design the main hall on 28th August (the first Print screen was one day later).


The whale has a white wireframe structure, and the fins have light under them. The three characters were used to give a notion of proportion, they have 1.70 m as the NEAR Hub documentation about avatars suggests. They represent the avatars joining the Art Exhibition inside the whale.

Narau already finished the design and was paid on 5th September https://app.astrodao.com/dao/fradao.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/fradao.sputnik-dao.near-256 .

  1. Spoke Server Database:

We are in the progress of these steps collecting all final art, logos, audio 8D, graphics art for user experience to server and creating a list of the corresponding URL/Files.

  1. Programmation:

It’s the last step, after all files are already on the server and everything is uploaded.

We are excited to get to this part in order to launch the festival as soon as possible, our community is apprehensive too.

  1. Spatial/panner sound programming

For copyright protection, a voiceover was created over a portion of the sound created and finished in 8D audio with a 360 degree experience (please use headphones for an immersive experience).

The voiceover also respects the 8D sound aesthetic too.

We took advantage of this and created this call with the sound process to show in the Report, since the payment has already been made and the immersive sound is finished.

Please check with headphone:


Workshop Blender for beginners:

The number of students proposed and accepted was too high considering the complexity of Blender, the depth of knowledge offered and the time available. Each student has a level and needs more/less time for individual classes. Some of them had a hard time keeping up with our timeline. It was a really tiring process, but I’m happy and proud that 17 students learned how to do 3D modeling in Blender. We also started to send NFTs as tickets for each class to introduce our members to the Mintbase Redeemer system (burn the NFT to register that they attended the classes).

Workshop Scanning Art for 3D NFT:

Looking forward to starting the 3D scanning lessons with a group of visual artists. I noticed that the scanning apps technology improved a lot since 2020 when I digitized a sculpture for the first time with my mobile phone.

While I prepared the PDF material for the Workshop, I realized there is no contemporary art without the art exhibition. Besides the technical aspects of digitizing a physical work, I will present 5 cases of possible uses on the Metaverse for the 3D model generated at the workshop:

  • virtual exhibition of a physical artwork
  • NFT as a digital certificate of a physical artwork
  • 3D printing of the scanned model
  • creation of digital art from a modified scanned model
  • insertion of a digital 3D model at the metaverse (ex: Near Hub Art Festival)

Testing the scanning apps I realized it would be much easier and more productive for the artists to use a spin table to support the artwork being scanned.

And while I developed my course PDF materials using Adobe Illustrator files from previous FraDAO workshops, I suggest future FraDAO workshop materials could be produced using an Adobe InDesign template.

VR Art Festival:

Highlight of the festival was to recreate the exact whale shape that inhabits Frado’s mind. It was a hit that it was the main room because building an immersive festival with a wireframe model makes the user experience faster to load all the files, making the space lighter and highlighting the Artworks(NFT), the sound will be very cool, delivering a full immersive experience. No staircases, no doors, no walls to block circulation imitating a video game or physical life constraints. We are proud to be building a museum that contemplates a true immersive experience. And we are happy that we will be able to finish everything on time, our community is very excited to rexperience the results of this festival on NEAR Hub.


Workshop Blender for beginners - In the future, @narau will pick fewer students and give more individual classes. It was easier to send the NFTs (class’ tickets) than to put them to sell because the students were trying to buy the same NFT, causing conflict in Mintbase’s system. we came to the conclusion that the funds were not enough to cover the amount of work, we would like to point out that next time the amount will be recalculated accordingly. All councils agree that the amount was lower than what was actually worked

Workshop Scanning Art for 3D NFT - This course seems to be just the tip of a creative iceberg. New forms of digital art will be developed as we gather in the metaverse, leading to new workshops to expand the Near ecosystem and bring creatives together. In the near future I believe as the artists gain confidence on digital tools, more complex artworks will be created and new Dapps will be developed to push the boundaries of art beyond a simple NFT product.

VR Art Festival creation was time consuming, but in the end we created a nice workflow to develop this big festival at NEAR Hub. To be replicated on other Near projects as we share our governance method.

Next steps:

Workshop Blender for beginners :

  • Offer this workshop once more to the students who were interested and could not attend the classes or had a hard time doing their projects and did not minted their 3D objects in time (until 31st August).

3D Scanning workshop:

  • To finish the workshop PDF, to start the classes, mint 3D NFTs at Mintbase 3D Techne store, prepare the artists for the production of 3D NFTs from scanned artworks to be submitted to Art festival curators.

Develop an InDesign PDF template for future FraDAO workshops.

VR Art Festival at NEAR Hub:

  • Only Expography
  • Server Database linking server and spoke
  • Programmation of space
  • Plus! Create a workshop of NEAR Hub Room DEV. (if the moderator wants a basic NEAR Hub Workshop ASAP, please contact us! It will be a pleasure)


  • Telegram governance workshop
  • Checking our NFT governance and Governance Token for our members.
  • Filter all non-member, scammer, people outside the onboarding process at telegram and non onboarding members. We have to organize exactly who the people are - who are the members of our community. We had two of our artists approached by 2 non-fraDAO members as if they were members of fraDAO to participate in projects outside of fraDAO and felt cheated. We spent a lot of time with those artists, for emotional confidence and building credibility. This strategy of keeping only members who hold the governance tokens is time consuming. Time we don’t have to waste on smart people. Our DAO specializes in artists, governance, not smart people.
  • Create a support for all member of fraDAO

Here are our social media accounts:

Instagram: @fra_dao

Twitter: @fra_dao

Facebook: Fradao.near

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/fra-dao


Q3 council:

@frado frado.near

@narau narau.near

@PatriciaB pbborges.near


Thanks @PatriciaB and @Narau for dedication, talent and organization. Let’s do a nice governance! :dizzy:


woow! such great ideias!!

  1. Programmation:

It’s the last step, after all files are already on the server and everything is uploaded.

We are excited to get to this part in order to launch the festival as soon as possible, our community is apprehensive too.

@williamx and @Cryptonaut @kc_sollano , I can continue the report in the comments?
In 13 of September begin a programmation of the light, Sky, luminance of the object inside the NEAR hub:

Hello @PatriciaB, please we need to move to completed.

Follow the link:

Follow NEARHub announcement on Twitter:



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Hey @frado, the report was updated today (Feb 5th).
All three projects proposed by FraDAO last semester have been proudly completed to date:

  • Workshop Blender For Beginners
  • Workshop Scanning Art for 3D NFT
  • VR Art Festival
    Well done @Narau @frado and @Marinah_Raposo
    Always a pleasure working and learning with you!
    Thanks, Patricia

Thanks to come back and update our propose REPORT.
Thanks for always doing an amazing Job.

Adding details for workshop to community:


pdf Manual:

Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 16.28.43

Video about mint in amplify NEAR MUSIC AMPLIFY:
Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 16.30.16

Videos support about workshop music production workshop in NEAR Dapp Endless.fm:


Contract for all artists:

Screen Shot 2023-04-09 at 16.10.57

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