[APPROVED] fra-DAO - overview - August - 2022 budget

Hi, Creative DAO!

Name: Frado @frado

Account: frado.near

Q3 Council:

frado.near @frado

narau.near @Narau

pbborges.near @PatriciaB

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Guild: Atelier Techne Studio

fraDAO Target: frado.near

KYC: @frado

Report July: [REPORT] fraDAO - july 2022

August 2022



Workshop Scanning ART for 3D NFT


@PatriciaB will invite all artists from fraDao community at Near Protocol and their friends for the online workshop. Those without a wallet will be supported to download and create new NEAR wallets.

Artists will be supported how to create Three-dimensional models digitizing physical works that will then be minted as 3D NFTs at Mintbase Techne 3D Gallery, and displayed at our NEAR VR ART Festival.

At our "Workshop: Scanning ART for 3D NFT ‘’ our fellow sculptors and other 3D artists will gain knowledge in generating GLB files using free apps for mobile phones and tablets, such as Qlone and Metascan. Those models can be treated on Blender or directly minted as 3D NFTs.

Time requested: 4 weeks

Value proposal: $ 1550 (USD)




Begin VR ART Festival at NearHubs


The fraDAO community has been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the year. Following our roadmap, we start the art festival at nearhubs. The first step is the modeling of our main lobby that will act as a hub for various experiences at nearhubs for an immersive space exhibition, where all artists can exhibit their expressions developed in our workshops, all spaces will have the links to buy nfts from near protocol marketplaces PARAS and Mintbase. This first exposition space, besides the markeplaces links, will have several teleportation portals for other future experiences connected to each other. Visitors can observe, walk or move around objects and can buy than using NEAR.

Time requested: 6 weeks

Value proposal:$3200 USD


Total Value:

Other Items:

Council work: $250 USD

Projects: $4750 USD

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 USD

Projects & Timelines: 6 weeks

Roadmap 2022:

Any doubts or suggestions, we will be available for clarification.


Frado, Patricia and Narau


Nice proposal! I’m excited to watch this 3D scanning worshop and see our first VR space :slight_smile: :globe_with_meridians:


Looking forward to it!!


Hello, team!

Your Creatives Moderators are delighted to support fra-DAO and are grateful for your commitment and extraordinary amount of care in keeping it a vital and active force within NEAR and the Creatives DAO.

Here are some highlights of your proposal for transparency:

  • Proposal follows the guidelines
  • Proposal is well-organize and easy to understand
  • Asked amount fore each initiative are adequate and justified

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord server to post your monthly reports and funding proposals for better organization.

Looking forward to your report :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks ALL @creativesdao-council for the supporting, hard work and dedication!
We send good vibes and health for eachone!:heavy_heart_exclamation:
fraDAO Team


Thanks ALL DAO members for Approve our project.
Follow the astroDAO Pool approved: