[PROPOSE] Workshop Scanning ART for 3D NFT - fraDAO - August - 2022

Hi, Creative DAO!

Name: Frado @frado

Account: frado.near

Q3 Council:

frado.near @frado

narau.near @Narau

pbborges.near @PatriciaB

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Guild: Atelier Techne 3D Studio

fraDAO Target: frado.near

KYC: @frado

Report July: [REPORT] fraDAO - july 2022




**Workshop Scanning ART for 3D NFT **

Project By: @PatriciaB | Patrícia Borges | pbborges.near



@PatriciaB will invite all artists from fraDAO community at Near Protocol and their friends for the online workshop. Those without a wallet will be supported to download and create new NEAR wallets.

Artists will be supported how to create Three-dimensional models digitizing physical works that will then be minted as 3D NFTs at Mintbase Techne 3D Gallery, and displayed at our NEAR VR ART Festival.

At our "Workshop: Scanning ART for 3D NFT ‘’ our fellow sculptors and other 3D artists will gain knowledge in generating GLB files using free apps for mobile phones and tablets, such as Qlone and Metascan. Those models can be treated on Blender at week 04 during over 50 Hours + 50 hours develop a PDF method.

Time requested: 4 weeks

Value proposal: $1550 USD

Project & Timeline:


First an elaboration of a PDF explaining how to navigate on Scanner app’s interface, download the mat, select artwork, lighting conditions, generate the 3D model, refer to fraDAO Blender workshop (optional for editing the files), export the 3D files and mint 3D NFTs at Mintbase.

PDF Time requested: 50 hours

Value: $300 USD

Week 01:



Goal: 5 new wallets + 15 fraDAO current members

Patricia Borges, explain the workshop, supporting to app download and create new NEAR wallets

Time: Some hours of supporting for new wallets

Value: $150 USD

Week 02:


First class will be given to two groups (the dates and times will be voted via Telegram by our DAO interested members). In this first class, I’ll present some free apps that can be used for 3D art scanning, the group will decide on one app according to available hardware (phones and tablets), we will discuss how to choose artworks, optimize lighting for the camera, how to scan and edit 3D files, export and mint 3D NFTs at Techne3D store.

Time requested: 2 hours/meet (2 meetings at https://meet.jit.si/ )
Total: 8 hours

*4 hours Meeting + 4 hours in a physical atelier, at Jardim Botanic - Rio de Janeiro, if someone had mistake in the process and can’t conclude the process.

Values: $200 USD

Week 03:


The second class will be individual, the date and time will be chosen by the student. I’ll answer queries, discuss the student’s idea, and I’ll give support to elaborate their individual project. First scan for each.

Time requested: 1 hour/meet minimum (15 meetings https://meet.jit.si/)
Total: 15 to 18 hours.

Value: $450 USD

Week 04:


individual Meeting + Collective Blender Meeting

Individual Meeting:
Third class will be individual, the date and time will be chosen by the student. I’ll answer the final queries, check the projects, and teach them how to take pictures and export the 3D files.

Time requested: 1 hour/meet (15 meetings https://meet.jit.si/)
sub-total week 04: 15 hours minimum

Collective Blender Meeting:
After the process of capturing the 3D scans, the 15 artists involved proceed to the editing process in Blender for adjustments, retouching, corrections, and finalization.
This editing process will take place collectively with a minimum bank of 4 hours up to a maximum of 8 hours via https://meet.jit.si/

Sub-total week 04 : 04 hours minimum

Total: 19 Hours

Value: $450 USD

At the end of the workshop, the students will mint their 3D objects at Techne 3D store(Mintbase). At least art per student is expected = 20 NFTs. (to be used at the VR fraDAO ART Festival as well)


Why is this action necessary?
Not every artist works with digital media (yet). We strongly believe expanded forms of art will emerge on the metaverse and for the metaverse. The inclusion of leading female artists who are already recognized in the offline market will lead to qualified development.

Our strategy:
Engage physical makers to make use of the NEAR blockchain exploring 3D NFT creation beyond tokenizing digital manufacturing assets and physical works/worlds replica.

at Near blockchain, fraDAO DISCORD, Telegram and https://meet.jit.si/

Creative education is a path for inclusion. We are not talking about an artistic migration to the metaverse in the sense of simply replicating physical universes.


  1. teach artists to digitize physical artworks and upload them on web3

  2. engage artistic community to discuss new forms of art suited for the metaverse

  3. connect physical makers to available technology/programmers for 3D art creation

  4. build a strong web community focused on artists and collectors that share contemporary art aesthetics beyond gaming and avatars

  5. Explain how to mint 3D files at Mintbase marketplace

  6. Explain about Blender for adjustments, retouching, corrections, and finalization.



Graphic Design and PDF creation: $300 USD

4 weeks Workshop: Scanning ART for 3D NFT: $1250 USD

Total: $1550 USD

Any doubts or suggestions, we will be available for clarification.


Frado, Narau and Patricia


Cannot wait until it starts! I’m very excited to learn this technique.

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@frado, can you explain a little more about the values here? Being an ignoramus on this subject, our first impression is that the values are too high. I would be happy to see more details on this.

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Hi @hevertonharieno thanks for supporting!
We made an edit, to explain more details.

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