[Report] Creatives DAO Advisor - Jan/Feb 2024

Creatives DAO Advisor - Jan/Feb 2024 Report

Since I’ve come on as an advisor for Creatives DAO in mid December 2023 it has been a whirlwind. With all the changes, it has been challenging to navigate around certain issues happening around CDAO, but we have all put in a tonne of work.


  • Attended all CDAO internal calls at least 2x a week
  • Helping out with community moderation on Telegram
  • Leading the Charter revision process
  • Working with the team on defining a new way forward for CDAO
  • Voted on proposal in the DAO
  • Elected an official CDAO council
  • Drafting out plans and ideas for the new CDAO

Requesting remuneration of $1,000 in $NEAR to vandal.near as per our agreed compensation for advisor role.

We still have some more internal matters to settle before we can really move forward with our new plan, but a lot of progress has been made and we feel like we are in a great place to turn things around for CDAO

Shout out the @creativesdao-council :rocket:



TransferRequest: 247 Near as per CoinGecko