[APPROVED] Creatives DAO Council Member - Vandal

Much love to my Creatives DAO fam and everyone reading this!

Building off our previous discussion I’m hereby formalizing my interest in becoming a member of the Creatives DAO council.

Looking ahead to the coming months I’m excited to expand my knowledge and continue to provide input and guidance within the Near x Creatives ecosystem. The following is an outline of the areas I’m most interested in, in no particular order.

  • AstroDAO integration and experimentation
  • Creatives DAO “Community Token” creation
  • Facilitating the onboarding of existing community members into DAO roles
  • Providing feedback on proposals
  • Assisting with the Telegram interaction and community engagement
  • Exploring the potential application of DeFi & NFTs in the Creatives DAO environment

This should keep me busy over the coming months! Of course I’ll help out wherever need be and am excited to take on these new responsibilities to help grow our amazing community of creatives on NEAR!


Big :heart:


Super excited for your continued involvement in the creative ecosystem @ NEAR <3. Setting this post to [APPROVED] and please feel free to submit an on-chain proposal to the Creatives SputnikDAO to add yourself as a council member!


Thanks @chloe I’m going to submit it now to the DAO!


Hey fam! As we discussed, I’m requesting the payout to the Creatives DAO for September (1/2) and October. Valued at $1500 = 200 N (@ $7.47)

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My October Recap

It’s been a wild month of October! Aside from the general attendance and interactions on our calls I created the AstroDAO for Creatives DAO and live on our call last night we migrated all the funds over from Sputnik! @chloe seemed concerned for a minute that it was being sent to the new DAO wallet and not mine! Just kidding…

I’ve been mostly active through the various DAO’s that have spawned from NxM. Getting the Onboarding DAO organized and on Astro with its first round of funding already in the treasury!

With the DJ DAO in motion and now the creation of a Beat DAO in the works I’ve been focusing mostly on the music initiatives as well as keeping track of incoming proposals to the DAO for funding and feedback. I’m hoping we can integrate the elements discussed above with the Stable Coin payouts and also staking funds so we can explore how to ensure sustainability for DAOs when all the funding is gone.

Request from Creatives Astro Dao for a November payout of 1000$ = 94N


My November Recap:

I was a bit down at the beginning of the month, which resulted in less attention to DAO duties compared to the previous month.

  • Participated in all the guild calls and open houses on our Telegram channel
  • Combed some monthly budget requests, payouts & reports
  • Helped to onboard and facilitate the founding of Beat DAO and Onboarding DAO
  • Now in discussion with Creatives DAO team as to how we will move forward given the changes in the DAO ecosystem.

December payout request:

750 USD / 93N (CG 04/12/21 8:45AM)