[APPROVED] Creatives DAO community council member

Hello there! :blush:

As previously discussed here, I’m creating this post to show my interest in being part of the Creatives DAO as a community council member.

For that purpose I undertake to take the following responsibilities:

  • Community facilitation >> Be active in the Telegram group + gov forum replies (give guidance to other daos); help onboarding and welcoming new members
  • DeFi: I’m only a beginner, but I’m an enthusiast for sure and I am very interested in learning more about possible solutions, existent and future alternatives and putting efforts in the DeFi evolving process of this DAO. Also I think this knowledge could be applied to Incubadora, VR DAO and other projects in the future. So I think it’s very useful. Happy to learn.
  • I’m happy to be involved with the events promoted/created by the DAO, as for example, the Forum event that will happen soon (November or December).
  • I’m going to attend the Creative Guild Leaders chats and Council meetings.
  • Also I’m sure I’d be useful with ideating DAO-to-DAO interactions and collaborations alongside my fellow council members

:building_construction: :building_construction: :building_construction:

looking fwd to it :slight_smile:


Thanks for this proposal @JulianaM :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. Definitely looking forward to your increased involvement in the Creatives DAO.


Yesss to all especially running the next Creatives Community Forum event :hugs: !!


Looks like this is [APPROVED]!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please feel free to submit an on-chain proposal to the SputnikDAO requesting yourself as a new council member to the DAO!

Forum link: [APPROVED] Creatives DAO community council member

Juliana NEAR account = jmm.near


Woot woot! What a fun and exciting journey we have ahead :building_construction:


As previously discussed, I’m going to ask the payout of 1500 USD to Creatives DAO (500 September + 1000 October) for the work done and for the work I’ll do in the ongoing month.
1500 USD = ~250 N (01.10.2021).

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In the month of October I gave support to different creative guilds, gave some feedbacks on proposals (plus voting) and attended the weekly Creatives chat on TG + different Council meetings. I also gave personal feedback about Thiago Carrapatoso’s project about creating a LGBTQI+ community in the following months, hopefully he will create another DAO soon and start interacting more with the ecosystem. I also created a guide to help creatives in the transition to Astro.

  • Learnings: I think the monthly video chats will be super important for engagement. Right now we have few attendance in our weekly chats, hopefully we will get more attendees once the monthly one has specific subject as for example “How to transition from Sputnik to Astro”, “Showcase your projects” and so on. And also it will help the different DAOs to promote the work they’ve been doing.

As previously discussed I’m going to ask Creatives Astro Dao the payout of 1000$ = 94N
(coingecko Nov 02, 11:50)

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Just realized I was not posting the previous months’ reports here.

During the month of December/January:

  • I collaborated in the process of the Open Call for new Community Moderators, having prepared a voting spreadsheet to be shared with the other Council members. I helped with the Open Call appreciation, voting and analyzing proposals.
  • I voted and reviewed several DAOs proposals, helped some guild leaders during the community chats and also with one-one conversations.
  • I participated in the discussions about the new processes, changes in the ecosystem and also learned a lot with my colleagues. We are experimenting a new way of governance here in the Creatives DAO, having DAOs as Council members. So we spent a lot of time trying to understand everything and each other, and we are still in the process of learning.
  • I participated in meetings and community calls.

I’m going to use this report to ask the payout of 250N to the Creatives DAO.