[Report] CDAO Council: EL - Jan/Mar 2024

Creatives DAO Council - January/March 2024 Report

I was mainly doing abstract work during the start of the year, and was in part leading restructuring initiatives for the foundational and empirical growth of CDAO, weighing available data and pinpointing key metrics that were of significant value towards the proposed plans for CDAO’s future.

In early February, my role as an Advisor transitioned to becoming a Council member. Since then, we’ve gone through a couple of important events that have shaped CDAO’s planned initiatives as part of the NEAR ecosystem. Laying down the groundwork for better things to come.


  • Attended all CDAO internal calls and have done scrum sessions with Council members weekly, averaging twice a week
  • Attended all key ecosystem calls
  • Helped facilitate DAO and Community management troubleshooting through the CDAO Telegram Channel
  • Assisted in drafting the amendments to the current charter and have suggested revisions
  • Helped in setting up CDAO Mods to separate the Trust from the Community in accordance to the work being done in getting towards a healthier and more efficient system for CDAO’s initiatives
  • Did groundwork and outreach efforts for setting up CDAO’s ecosystem plans
  • Reviewed documents relevant to the planned initiatives
  • Assisted in drafting the blueprints for CDAO’s next steps
  • Voted on proposals in the DAO

For the work done, I am requesting a remuneration of $1,500 in $NEAR to malamaya.near as per our current agreed monthly compensation for the Council role - totaling to $3,000 for the period of January-March '24.

Tagging @creativesdao-council



Remuneration to be $3,000 value in $NEAR tokens as per the CoinCecko exchange rate at current date/time = 445 NEAR