[Report] Community Management - Onboarding - Council Work - November

Project member : @squattingPigeon
Target : tolga.near
Total hours spent : 50h
Requested : 1000$ = 113N @ N=8.8 + 5N for Astro migration

Dear community members,

We’d like to think of a DAO as a unifying structure rather than a dividing one so i have focused my efforts this month on an event that is promoting this idea: Block Party. As well as being a collaboration between DAOs, this event was an opportunity to onboard a new neighbouring artist collective commanding vast studios and a sizeable venue, new artists unfamiliar with the blockchain as well as new community members. The event is documented by the forthcoming Arroz Criativo Videos. It was a challenge in many ways but feedback from the venue, attendees and participants has been positive overall. As a result we will possibly get the opportunity to program further events at the venue (Nucleo A70) to promote and develop DAOs part of the ecosystem who are physically present in Lisbon.


  • A number of production, artist liaison and onboarding meetings (online and IRL) for onboarding event Block Party. Other proposals from partnering DAOs Muti and Lisbon City Node can be seen here and here. Costs and funding breakdown can be seen here.
  • 1 sync with @mecsbecs, 3 with creatives dao, 1 crypto integration with Arroz
  • DAO council management
  • Finance overview
  • Astro migration
  • Assistance with proposals and payouts to resident artists.