[Proposal] Community growth, collaboration and onboarding event

Event Name: Block Party
Event Date: Friday 26th November
Runtime : 5pm - 12am
Location : Nuclea A70 studios in Marvila - Lisboa

Fellow Community Members,

For this larger scale event we are hoping to bring together Lisbon City Node, Muti Collective, Arroz Criativo to onboard in the “near” term a new neighbouring and influential artist association operating in Lisboa going by the name of Nucleo A70.

We are planning to have an onboarding station to onboard and reward all performing artists with NEAR.

The evening will start with a short presentations of the onboarding station, Near Protocol partnerships supporting the event, City Node, Arroz Criativo, possibly an intervention introducing women in crypto (new initiative) with recorded presentation from 2 female leaders in crypto and if possible a short presentation on what the blockchain might bring to creative industries.

The event is being planned as a multidisciplinary event with exhibitions and performances integrated in the main stage, a bar area and a club room - The Dark Room

There are 2 spaces we can use : The Main Stage/Exhibition Space & The Dark Room

The Main Stage/Exhibition Space
will host the introductory workshops, exhibiting/performing artists and some live performances.

  • Intro presentations of onboarding station and daos involved
  • Elizabeth Prentis & Sozhino Studio : exhibition and performance
  • Francisca Souza : exhibition
  • Daphne : exhibition and live painting
  • Mariana Barros : Performance TBC
  • Smoked Falmon : Dj Set
  • Vandal : Dj set
  • Jazzinho : 8 piece Brazilian Jazz Outfit.
  • Guetto Fam : 5 piece Hip Hop Collective from Trafaria
  • Andre Navarro : Opera Singer
  • Karl Godard : Dj set ( to perform with Andre Opera Singer & Ghetto Fam)
  • Daniele Grosso : Videographer at Arroz will document the event.

The Dark Room

  • The Tourorists : Punk Band
  • Astrea : DJ (Bass/Hip Hop)
  • Tiago : DJ Techno

There is an afterparty programmed by the venue starting at 12:00am on the theme of Excess.

This event will be supported by Muti Collective, Lisbon City Node and Arroz Criativo as much as their budgets can allow it.

Some revenue is expected from ticketing which is at 3€ pp.

The venue capacity is estimated at 700 people by the venue. We can reasonably expect around 150 guests which should be around 600$ revenue.

We are proposing an Arroz Criativo contribution to this event to the amount of 600$ = 52N


:fire: big onboarding move here, nice work