[Report] Community Management- Onboarding - Council work

Project member : @squattingPigeon
Target : tolga.near
Total hours spent : 80h
Requested : 1100$ for 60h

Fellow community members,

The month of December has seen progress in terms of community members engaging with Astro and the governance forum. The continued support to the merchandising project has seen a physical store come to life. We are continuing our support for infrastructural renovations for music studios. As can be seen from our previous report Studio 2 has almost completed. We are now funding Studio 4 which should take another 2-3 month to complete.
There remains another music studio to support where the band Trafka resides to complete the fair distribution of support across music studios. With this support we are hoping to enable all music studios and their networks to engage with the ecosystem. In the longer term we believe this support will be beneficial to both musicians and the ecosystem particularly NxM.
In terms of council we have a departure so we have solicited applications from the forum and within the Arroz community as can be seen here.
In terms of expansion, after establishing ties with neighbouring Art Collective Nucleo A70 in Marvila, i’ve been working on onboarding another art collective located in Trafaria through their resident hip hop collective 2gto_2825. I had a personal meeting with Sessa where we created a project wallet (gtofam.near) and processed their participation to our onboarding event Blockparty. I’ve introduced him the governance forum, wallet functionalities, Ref Finance, Binance and Crypto com . We have plans to develop a regular hip hop event at Arroz for the spring time where we are planning to onboard the rest of the association to work on NFT based releases. Sessa has applied to Planting Air which is our in house residency for artists on low income. I’m hoping to eventually introduce all music projects mentioned above to NxM and support them to be an active part of it.
December was also the month of governance debates with the creative council which we believe is a positive occurrence however difficult they may be.
We’re hoping to reactivate crypto meet ups at Arroz once the local restrictions are relaxed. To this effect i have collected a number of new sign ups as well as regular attendees. We might seek help from the Onboarding DAO to develop this if the work load becomes unsustainable.
We would like to engage the DAO’s idle funds in defi activities through a bridge wallet for Ref Finance to further contribute to the ecosystem with liquidity provision. Relevant forum post is here.
Last but not least I’ve decided to further my technical engagement with the ecosystem so i have registered with the Near Certified Analyst program. My plan is to engage with dApp development as an entrepreneur in residence fellowship once i complete the analyst and development certifications.


  • Weekly syncs with Creatives DAO
  • Meeting with Near Foundation rep
  • 3 internal meetings for crypto integration and address issues with the Creatives Council
  • Treasury Management
  • Council management
  • Assistance with proposals and Astro
  • Time spent promoting meetups & onboarding
  • Time spent researching Defi and wider ecosystem (Hackathon, Hub, Fellowships)
  • TG engagement
  • NxM sync
  • Meeting with Jose Ortuno and Crypto team
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