[APPROVED] Community Management Arroz Criativo JULY

Oneliner/ Summary: Community Management of Arroz Criativo DAO in JULY

Project members: @tabear

Total h spent: 37.8

Target: tabea.near

Requested amount: 5N (tipbot) + 194.6N (37.8h -70N from the council payout) = 199.6N


Quick summary of the fulfilled community management tasks in July:

  • Assistance on 2 workshops
  • Exchanging with INC4 Guild for app development
  • TG management
  • Dao council Management
  • 3 Guild leader calls & 2 ama
  • Forum administration & physical community organisation
  • 4 team meetings & 1h prep time
  • onboarding & walletcreation of hlp.near, passionpizza.near, vgb.near
  • starting the conversation about DAO creation with residents & Raizes & refining garms project proposal (will be linked once up in forum)
  • finance overview

From the overall hours the amount for the council payout (70N) has been deducted, as the work within Arroz Criativo involves more than the listed council activities.

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