[Report] Arroz Criativo January Budget Report

Expense history
Current balance

Council : @mette , @squattingPigeon
New council is shortlisted and under final deliberation.
Call out can be seen here.


  • Merchandising report can be seen here

  • Studio 2 remodelling is now complete and final report can be seen here

  • Studio 4 remodelling has not started yet due to early January lockdown and a member becoming ill with covid. I was told in personal communications that the studio has been cleared to start the works. Their last forum update can be seen here. Experienced members of studio 2 are also committed to providing support for this if necessary so we look forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks.

  • Karl Godard EP release update can be seen here

  • Arroz Videos has seen a lot of editing work done this month. Additional work done can be seen in this folder. We’ve also enlisted the help of another videographer @roadworks member of the Arroz community to complete the remaining shooting and help with postproduction. Breakdown and expenses can be seen here and was funded by the January budget. We’re hoping to finish this by the end of the month as planned and our treasury should be able to cover any extra expenses should they arise.

  • The pizzeria was rewarded for supporting 2 crypto meetups.

  • Community management & Council work report by myself can be seen here.

  • Council @Mette was rewarded for her contributions.

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